Halloween Party Themes

unique halloween party themes
Halloween Party Themes and Ideas
Halloween House Party Ideas Halloween House Party
Throw a great Halloween party for family and friends that is easy and fun! We make it simple with our picks for the best Halloween decorations for a house party (funny, creepy, and the best bang for your buck). A Halloween theme round of karaoke is a must with our suggested playlist. You can't go wrong!
Friday the 13th, 80's Movie THeme Halloween Party
The eighties were a great era for horror movies. Relive the fright with Freddie, Jason and all your friends and an 80's Horror Movie screening. Serve up a scary buffet with our suggestions for horror movie character theme foods. This theme features our most popular invitation and favor design!
Sexy Halloween Costumes, Sexy Party Ideas
We love the sexy costumes available for Halloween. Why not have a sexy party as well? Bold and fun decorations will thrill your guests. A costume contest and some great karaoke will be a treat too!
halloween masquerade ball ideas
Halloween is a holiday of costumes and masks. Why not combine the two for a Voodoo Halloween Masquerade Ball! Give your guests a taste of something different this Halloween... elegance, mystery and thrill of the unknown!
orange black Halloween Ball party theme
One of most popular themes. Halloween colors black and orange but in an adult way. Move over pumpkins and punch, it's time to light the candles and sip a Jack O' Tini! We have spooky classical music suggestions and decoration ideas to set the right mood.
blood theme Halloween Party
Here’s a Halloween theme party that fits the season. Guts and gore are the decorations and entertainment. Everyone will have a bloody good time as they sit down to a horror movie screening and sip their Bloody Mary's.
Vampire Theme Halloween Party
Nothing is hotter than vampires for Halloween. Let these ideas help you re-"vamp" your party and bring your social life back from the dead.  Enter if you dare... MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!

Not so scary halloween theme party
No tricks, just treats, in this kid friendly Halloween party. Pumpkins and candy corn instead of ghouls and ogres. Kids party food ideas, games and more!
halloween office party ideas
Decorate your office for Halloween. Make work scarier than usual with great Halloween office decorations. Or have a great Halloween office party. We cover the basics and share a few great themes that are beyond balloons and crepe paper.
Jack o lantern pumpkins theme party
Here’s a Halloween theme party that’s easy to plan. A pumpkin theme Halloween party works for all ages and is fun too. Jack o' Lanterns make the best Halloween decorations, and there is plenty of cute stuff to match.
unique halloween theme, rockstar heaven and hell
Find a rock star Halloween costume and get ready to rock and roll! One of our favorite themes, since it lends itself to drinking and karaoke! Seeing your friends doing Janis or Jimi or Elvis is a blast. And the party music will be great. A different kind of Halloween party.
halloween pirate theme party
Get ready to sail the seas of Halloween party fun! This theme is versatile, make it fun for the kids with a pirate scavenger hunt, and fun decorations. Or take it up a notch for the adults with creepy pirate decorations and enough rum to float a boat.
eyebal theme Halloween Party Ideas
Keep an eye out for your guests with an Eerie Eyeball Party! Here’s a Halloween theme party that’s easy to plan. Eyeball theme party supplies, ideas and invitations will help you plan a party that is a frightful sight (in a good way!)
batman theme halloween party
The Dark Knight's world makes the perfect backdrop for a Halloween party. From the sinister streets of Gotham City, to the dark depths of the Batcave, you can create an atmosphere that is worthy of Halloween!
spider theme Halloween Party
A creepy crawler Halloween party is the perfect way to scare those arachnophobics with spider theme party supplies. 
Skeleton Halloween Party Theme
Here’s a Halloween theme party that’s easy to plan. A bash with great skeleton theme party supplies is sure to be a hit... no bones about it. Lighthearted, comical, and morbid all at once, skeleton decorations are frightfully fun, and you barely have to lift a “bony” hand!
Dress up from the Neck Up Halloween Party
Not as much trouble as the usual Halloween costume party. Even people who never wear a costume will wear a Halloween mask, wig or beard. Halloween from the neck up
New Halloween Party Supplies for 2011
Quick ideas to match the new Halloween party supplies for 2012! Includes Zombies, Peanuts and Halloween Fun Friends.