luau party supplies and paper goods

Luaus are one of our favorite parties here at Luau party supplies and luau decorations are colorful and fun, luau party items are a blast, the food is fabulous and then a cool tropical drinks in a coconut cup. Best of all the selection of luau party supplies is awesome! Aloha!
Luau theme lollipop party favors
Custom Luau Theme Lollipops
Luau theme favor bags
Custom Luau Favor Bags
Luau theme mint tins party favors
Luau Theme Custom Mint Tins

Custom Luau Party Tiki Photo Op

Custom luau photo theme invitations and favors
Custom luau hibiscus theme invitations and favors
Custom luau theme invitations and favors
Tiki Island Invitations and Favors
Custom luau theme invitations and favors
Tropical Drink Invitations and Favors
Custom flip flops theme invitations and favors
Flip Flops Invitations and Favors
Custom luau tiki torches theme invitations and favors
Tiki Torches Invitations and Favors

Passport Invitations

Luau Caricature Invitations
Custom Caricatures

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Luau Party Supplies and Decorations

5 Foot Inflatable Palm Tree

Tiki Bubble Machine

Beach Room Roll

Luau Deck Fringe with Hibiscus Flowers

Blue Sky & Ocean Beach Backdrop

Beach Wall Backdrop


Jointed Palm Tree Cutout

Beach Sign Cutouts

Coral Reef Room Roll Decoration

Coral Reef Props Add-On

Fish Netting Party Decoration

Inflatable Tropical Fish

Summer Splash Luau Foil Balloon

Luau Foil Balloon

Pink Dolphin Shaped Jumbo Foil Balloon

Prismatic Sun Shaped Jumbo Foil Balloon

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Leis and Wearables for your Luau Theme Party

Stand at the door and greet your guests with a lei... always a nice gesture and a traditional way of staying aloha! If you cannot stand and greet guests have a big basket of multi-color leis inside the door where people can help themselves to a few. I would plan on a few per person so that they can be creative and festive with their leis.

Inflatable Flip Flop Feet

Child Rainbow Hula Skirt

Parrot Accessory

Luau Paper Goods and Tableware

Start your party planning by selecting luau theme paper goods. You can get matching everything, or just supplement with dessert plates or beverage napkins. Serve your Pina Coladas, Blue Hawaiians, Mai Tais and fruit punch in a fun luau theme glass!

Luau Paper Goods

Hawaiian Girl Paper Goods

Coconut Cup with Cover and Straw

Green Grass Table Skirt

Natural Raffia Table Skirt

Natural Raffia Table Skirt with Flowers

Natural Grass Mini Table Skirt

Inflatable Palm Tree Cooler

Inflatable Luau Buffet Cooler

Inflatable Tiki Cooler

Inflatable Pirate Ship Cooler


Natural Bamboo Votive Holder

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Luau Theme Pinatas and Party Games

6' Bamboo Limbo Set

Hibiscus Flower Pinata

Tiki Pinata

Sandal Pinata

Tropical Dolphin Pinata

Beach Ball Pinata

Seahorse Pinata

Custom Luau Party Tiki Photo Op

Luau Photo Op, Female

Luau Photo Op, Male

Luau Monkey Photo Prop

Shark Photo Prop

Luau Party Inflatables

Inflatable Mermaid


Inflatable Shark Assorted

Small Inflatable Beach Ball

Large Inflatable Beach Ball

Small Inflatable Monkey

Inflatable Parrot Inflatable Sea Turtle

Inflatable Seahorse

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luau wearables and party favors

A big part of any luau is letting your guests dress up and have some fun.  So pass out the wearables and get everyone ready to party!

Hawaiian Girl Party Favor Box

Beach Pail with Shovel Assorted

Child Grass Hula Skirt with Floral Waistband

Felt Shark Hat


Luau Party Decorating Tips:
  • Use beachcomber hats (multi-color or plain) upside down to hold different snacks and munchies. 
  • Luau confetti is easy sprinkled on the tables, or break apart a silk flower lei and scatter the flowers.
  • Citronella candles  make wonderful centerpieces and deter bugs.
  • For a cute addition to your drinks, freeze gummy fish and sharks in ice cubes!Rent a slushie machine and serve frozen drinks with tiny umbrellas, or buy the tubs of pre-mixed margaritas and then serve the drinks in luau themed glasses.