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Anniversary Party Ideas

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Thinking about hosting an anniversary celebration? Let The Party Girl help with advice on everything from the anniversary invitations to your menu.
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Personalize Your Party
Give your Anniversary party the personal touch with our personalized products. Start with a anniversary invitation and select matching party favors, banners, centerpieces and sign in boards. Add a life size cutout, photo opportunity, or even a personalized camera and the theme becomes yours!


There are many things that enter into planning a great anniversary celebration. 

Date—try not to compete with other things going on and choose a weekend if you are expecting guests to come in from out of town.

Location—again, it’s important that you choose something convenient for everyone but that is also fun and different.  Unless you have an over-abundant amount of guests and need to use a party room at a hotel or something, see if you can find something with built in entertainment, good food and a great atmosphere.

Entertainment—consider a place with built in entertainment or if budget allows choose something that can be personalized to the couple/family.  There are a lot of singers that will use a song and change the words to personalize the lyrics to the celebrant.  Always fun and something the crowd appreciates.

Toasts—never be embarrassed to say “and…now a toast to …”—what more is there when your marking something as important as a milestone anniversary.

Photos—there should be an area for photo boards (a collage of great pictures from over the years) or possibly if your budget allows for a screen (or it may already be in the room), you can do a slide show or power point.  There are also video vendors that will make a “this is your life” video to show.  They are easily found by word of mouth.