Blood & Prosthetics

Adult Vampire Teeth

Includes one pair of fake teeth with white plastic beads that you melt to custom-fit the teeth and hold them in place in your mouth.

Price $12.99

Big Daddy Pimp $ Tooth

Grin in style...with a million dollar smile!

Price $1.99

Billy-Bob Teeth - Aviator

Billy-Bob® Teeth are the original and most famous Novelty Teeth.

Price $12.99

Billy-Bob Teeth - Braces

'Braces™' is a necessity to complete your authentic nerdy look this Halloween

Price $12.99

Billy-Bob Teeth - Puck Teeth

Worn by rich and poor trailer trash alike.

Price $12.99

Blood Gel (1/4oz. w/ Brush)

Blood Gel is a deep red syrup-based blood that never dries, giving the look of oozing, wet, thick blood.

Price $2.99

Blood Paste (1oz.)

Blood Paste is a firm, deep red blood you can smear into a wound and it won’t move but looks wet!

Price $6.99

Bloody Fright Fangs

Enjoy these high quality, economy plastic tooth caps with adhesive for several wearings.

Price $8.99

Buck Teeth

Buck Teeth includes a set of re-usable and custom fitting, movie quality buck teeth (top teeth only).

Price $3.99

Buffy, Angel, Latex Prosthetic (Woochie Vampire/Lost Boy)

You can be Angel the champion, or the evil Angelus!

Price $11.99

Buffy, Spike, Latex Prosthetic (Woochie Vampire/Lost Boy)

Moves with your face so you're free to talk, eat and drink.

Price $12.99

Custom Designer Chrome Fangs

Delight and horrify your friends with these unique chrome fangs!

Price $22.99

Custom Designer Sexy Bite Fangs

Create a seductive look!

Price $15.99

Custom Vampire Fangs In Coffin, Deluxe

These are the best fangs we've found anywhere!

Price $19.99

Demon Horns Black

Studio quality horns you can wear again and again.

Price $7.99

Don Post Flesh in a Flask

Jumpin' Jeepers and Heavens to Betsy, what happened here?

Price $4.99

Don Post Scar Putty

Add some character to your complexion!

Price $2.99

Don Post Scorched Skin

"I heard somebody say, 'Burn, Baby, burn!'"

Price $4.99

Don Post Stage Blood

"Oh my goodness, you're bleeding!"

Price $3.99

Don Post Wound Tower

Just remember that beauty is only skin deep.

Price $5.99

Double Upper Fangs In Coffin

Instead of one set of vampire fangs, you can now have two!

Price $26.99

Everlasting Kiss Kit For Dummies

Don't worry, you're not the first girl to fall for a vampire's trap.

Price $14.99

Fantom Fangs (Bat)

For a natural Dracula look!

Price $9.99

Flesh & Blood Makeup Kit

Create the most horrific and gruesome injury ever seen this Halloween!

Price $8.99

Get the Lead Out Kit For Dummies

Maybe you should've been more careful when you were playing with that pencil.

Price $14.99

Giant Lips

Pucker up, buttercup!

Price $4.99

Jug of Blood

Add a splash of gore!

Price $9.99

Love Bites Deluxe Custom Fangs in Heart Box

These fangs use a specially formulated dental material for fitting which forms a permanent mold of your tooth inside each fang cap.

Price $16.99

Sabers Extra Long Fangs

These will leave more than just a flesh wound.

Price $16.99

Scar Putty

Scar Putty is a great way to create fake lacerations, scars, bullet holes, and more.

Price $1.49

Small Blood Tip Fangs

Dig in with these canines!

Price $19.99

Stage Blood (1oz.)

Stage Blood is a bright red water-based product that looks exactly like fresh spurting blood.

Price $4.99

Sweeney Todd Razor/Pouch

Where would Sweeney Todd be without his razor?

Price $12.99

Tales of Old London Slash Throat Make-Up

The Tales of Old London Slash Throat Make-up includes a lifelike scar with adhesive and blood red makeup for creating a life-like looking wound.

Price $7.99

Tooth Wax

Tooth Wax is the way to go. It’s great for boxers, hobos, and more.

Price $1.29

Vampire Bite

A very inbiteing look.

Price $4.99

Vampire/Elf Ears

Perfect to complete your vampire, elf, or alien costume.

Price $9.99

Werewolf Fangs In Coffin Deluxe

The closest thing to dentist caps!

Price $25.99

Werewolf Triple Fang Adult

Add some Bite to your Werewolf costume!

Price $12.99

Whip & Spike Scars

Realistic looking enough to scare anyone!

Price $11.99