Father's Day

Who teaches you how to play sports? Who helps you turn sofa cushions into forts? Who puts training wheels on your bike? Who embarrasses you in front of the person you like? Who takes you to see your favorite sports team? And who is always up for some ice cream? The answer to all of these questions is your father, of course. So why not take some time this Father's Day to make dad feel special?
What does he like to do with his spare time (when he has spare time)? Is he a fan of shopping or is going to sporting events his passion? Maybe he longs to spend hours relaxing on the couch in peace, with the TV remote in one hand and a tasty beverage in the other. Some dads love to rough it in the wilderness armed with only a tent and a fishing rod. Make dad feel special by giving him a day filled with a few of his favorite things.

The first Father's Day was June 19, 1910 in Spokane, Washington (at least it says so on the net). It became a national holiday in 1924, and its designation as the third Sunday of June happened in 1966 when Lyndon B. Johnson proclaimed it so. How did it happen, you query? Well, this woman, Mrs. Dodd, started the ball rolling. Her father had been a Civil War veteran and had raised six children on his own. When she presented the idea, the citizens of Spokane jumped on it, and soon it was being celebrated across America. Thank you Mrs. Dodd.

father's day invitations
Most of the time, Father's Day celebrations are very informal and do not require invitations. However, you can choose to make this day special by giving the only invite (especially crafted by you) to the guest of honor, your dad.
  • Relaxing Dad - Entice dad with an invitation that looks like the TV guide. Inside the invitation write a mini schedule so that it looks like the inside of the TV Guide. Since you will want to let dad sleep in on his special day you can write, "To Be Announced" from 8:00am to 11:00am. At 11:00am write, "Brunch in Bed." After "Brunch in Bed," be creative. How does your dad like to wind down? You don't have to plan the entire day, but make sure to write in a few ways that dad likes to relax. Along with his brunch, make sure to hand him the Sunday paper as well as the TV remote control.
  • Sports Fan Dad - Attach your father's invitation for his special day to a program from his favorite sports team. In the invitation, tell him that he is in store for a day that will "knock (him) out." Tailor the inside message to his favorite sport. If he is a baseball fan write, "I hope your day is as special as a grand slam."
  • Wilderness Dad - Lure your dad away from the house with an invitation that is hidden inside the front cover of the book, Camping for Dummies. Invite dad to let you learn how to camp and live off of the land from him, "the Master." (I know it sounds corny, but I guarantee that he will jump at the chance to show off his camping/wilderness survival skills.)
Try a Party411 custom caricature of dad surrounded by all of his favorite things. It makes a cool gift and looks great framed.  We also offer a selection of semi custom invitations that work great as well. Some of our favorites for Dad are him riding a tractor, or as a biker, and of course as a golfer!

father's day Decorations
Decorating for Father's Day should be fun and simple. Different kinds of flowers always add beauty and fragrance to any room, and are easy to arrange for just about any theme. It is likely that dads don't give any thought to what the place looks like and is just glad to hang out with the family.  If you want to get creative with Father's Day, you can change any of these into a special Father's Day soiree!

Another great idea is a handyman theme if Dad is always fixing things around the house.


father's day table decorations and menu
The food served at this party is not really important as long as dad is not the person in charge of cooking (unless of course he is a chef extraordinaire and would get great pleasure from cooking). Since it is a day of his favorite things, why not take dad to his favorite restaurant?
Another fabulous idea is to gather the family together and let everyone take part in cooking dad his favorite meal. Do not let him in the kitchen while the meal is being made, though, or he might try to get in on the cooking. Let smaller children help set the table or make place cards for everyone at the table. (In an informal gathering place cards are not necessary but they will keep the smaller children busy.) If your having a theme party or BBQ, grab some paper goods for easy clean up!
  • Relaxing Dad - Along with fragrant candles, place a bonsai tree in the middle of the table. The combination of these items will promote serenity and a calming fragrance throughout the room.
  • Sports Fan Dad - Place a few different items with dad's favorite team's logo on them in the middle of the table. If dad enjoys playing sports more than watching sports, place some small items on the table that will help him master his favorite sport. For example, if your dad enjoys playing golf decorate the table with different colored golf tees. Place a new set of golf balls, golf club covers, and a golf towel in a basket in the center of the table. For more unique gift ideas for the golfer, click here.
  • Wilderness Dad - Because of the outdoor theme, you can fill a basket in the center of the table with a variety of tools that are necessary for a successful jaunt in the wilderness. You will want to include a compass, flashlight, lantern, blanket, first aid kit, and a Swiss Army Knife in this centerpiece. Let dad keep it as part of his gift.
father's day activities
  • Relaxing Dad - Gather together all kinds of goodies to put into a basket to help ensure that dad has a relaxing day. Some items to include in dad's relaxing basket are dad's favorite snacks, beverages, a new lounging outfit, and a pair of new slippers. Some of the other necessities for dad's day of relaxation are the TV Guide, the TV remote, a candle that smells like the ocean (or something equally comforting), and a full-body massage mat to help dad completely relax.
  • Sports Fan Dad - Take dad to watch his favorite sports team in action. If there isn't a game that day, give him some tickets and a promise to go to the game with him when his team is back in town. If dad loves to golf, take him to the driving range or the golf course. Offer to carry his golf clubs and drive the cart all around the course.
  • Wilderness Dad - Invite your dad to join you for a weekend camping in the wilderness or a day of fishing. Make sure that dad is equipped with all of the necessities for your weekend/day outdoors.
father's day gifts
Anything Dad would have to do, because it's Father's Day, you can do for him. Imagine the points you'll score no matter how old you are. If you can't do them on Father's Day, make him a coupon book he can later redeem. So what if you're 50 and he's 80? He'll still get a kick out of it.
  • Mow the lawn
  • Pull weeds
  • Wash the car
  • Wash the windows
  • Wash the porch furniture
  • Gas up the car
  • Repay an IOU
Here are some other great and unique ideas:
  • A caricature of Dad including all of his favorite things—he'll love it. Frame it and let him take it to work!
  • Personalized candy bars wrapper
  • Gift baskets - whether you're home or away from home, a gift basket can mean hours of enjoyment for your father.

Happy Father's Day!