Valentine's Day Party Decorations and Supplies

For more decoration ideas, menus and party games, see our fun Valentine's Day Party Ideas!

Valentine's Day Invitations and Favors

 Customize your celebration with our personalized invites and great favors!
Valentine's Day banners. Banners for Valentine's Day
valentine's day cany bar wrappers. Party favors for Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day Party Supplies and Paper Goods

One of the easiest ways to decorate your party is with Valentine's Day and heart themed supplies.
Valentine's Day Party Tips:
  • Buy several packs of those cheesy Valentines that kids swap in class. Use a hole punch and some red ribbon to make a garland. It will look festive hanging over the party entrance or above the buffet.
  • For cute and easy table decorations, scatter conversation hearts or red hots as confetti.
  • Fluff the napkins and pull them through a Red Glow Bracelet as a napkin ring and a favor!
  • Welcome guests with a fun activity. Scatter children's Valentines on a table along with a few pens and let guests leave messages to you, or to each other. Or make an oversized Valentine's Day card and have everyone sign it like a guestbook.