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personalized labor day barbeque invitation
patriotic balloons
patriotic balloons
Patriotic lifesize cutouts
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Patriotic party hats
patriotic hats
Patriotic glow
patriotic glow
Patriotic light ups
patriotic light ups
Patriotic beads
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Labor Day Party Ideas

Many of us consider the Labor Day holiday the end of summer. A party is a festive way to end the summer with a great barbeque! So break out those grills and these Labor Day party ideas for one last hurrah! My mouth is watering already!


labor day history
Do you know why we celebrate Labor Day? Labor Day actually originated in Canada when several labor disputes erupted around the 1870s. In the United States, labor strikes often ended in death at the hands of the US military and US marshals. In 1894, President Grover Cleveland made labor laws a top political priority and rushed legislation through Congress to instate several labor laws and also making Labor Day a national holiday. The first Labor Day was celebrated in New York City on September 5, 1882.

Labor Day Party Invitations
Send a fun personalized Labor Day party invitation. It will get everyone in the mood to come over and celebrate!

Labor Day is a fun, end of summer holiday. My favorite way to do invitations is to create them myself. The only rule is that there really are no rules. Make each guest a different (one-of-a-kind collage) invitation. If you have children that can handle glue and scissors, that's even better! Let the kids put their own twist on the invitations, and make it a family affair.

You can even take some Elmer's glue (the runny kind because the glue stick isn't messy enough), and just drip and zigzag it across the front of plain white invitations. Then "invite" your kids (and even some of their friends) to help shake some red, white, and blue glitter all over the front of the card! Voila! Instant fireworks! You can also create a summer scene this way, with a tan beach, blue water and a yellow sun!

Labor Day Decorations and Party Supplies
A great entrance to any event starts when people walk up to your door! Over the doorway, or in your windows, you may want to put some flag bunting and banners to set the mood.   Balloons are the symbol of a party so grab an assortment of them!  Here are our favorite Labor Day party ideas and patriotic decorations.

  • Patriotic decorating kits - inexpensive and fun!
  • Patriotic bunting - a classic patriotic decoration
  • Patriotic balloons - spread bouquets around the room 

Our favorite decoration of course, would be YOU dressed as Mrs. Sam or Uncle Sam.  Patriotic lifesize cutouts are always a hit at a party.


Labor Day Table Decorations and Menu


Patriotic paper goods are the best table decorations for a Labor Day party.  Colorful and fun with easy clean up is always the best!


Don’t forget the centerpieces! Grab some red, white and blue balloons, and even some fun barbeque balloons to decorate the tables. .

You can also try plants with red, white, and blue flowers, and tie bandanas around the pots. You can stick pinwheels inside as well as other patriotic icons such as the Statue of Liberty and the Liberty Bell.

If you are planning a sit down event, seating cards are essential! Use mini paper flags, or cut out some hotdog and hamburger shapes out of colored paper and personalize each one for your guests. Put the name of each guest on the front.

Labor Day is the perfect time for a cook out! Hot dogs, hamburgers, anything barbecued and grilled will taste terrific paired with potato salad, cole slaw, fruit salad, and corn on the cob. For dessert you can have apple pie, ice cream and cake.


labor day games and activities
Summer party games are always a lot of fun. Make sure to have plenty of relay races planned so that everyone gets into the spirit.
Of course, there is always the traditional potato sack races, balloon toss, tag and backyard baseball. Badminton, croquet, bocce ball, Frisbee and horseshoes, while seemingly usual, are all actually great ways for people to relax, socialize and be outside.
Check out more Summer Party Games for more great ideas!
Labor Day Party Favors
You might want to consider a personalized water bottle label. It's a fabulous way to keep your guests cool and pull through the theme. Another sure fire hit is a personalized candy bar wrapper.

Labor Day party ideas for favors are fun and easy! For the kids you can put together a small goody bag. Here are a few ideas:
  • Glow jewelry
  • Bubbles
  • Sidewalk Chalk
  • Patriotic Hats
  • Patriotic Light ups
  • Patriotic bead necklaces
Have a fantastic Labor Day!