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Fiesta Party IdeasHundreds of Fiesta Ideas, Invitations, Decorations, Party Supplies & Favors for your fiesta!

Ole! One of our favorite themes is that fiesta thing. It's easy to do and there are plenty of great fiesta party supplies that go with your fiesta theme party. Grab your hat and shuffle on south to celebrate.  So whether you are celebrating a birthday or a family reunion or just want to enjoy this rich tradition have yourself a fantastic time with these fiesta party ideas!
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  • Fiesta Adult Birthday Party - You'll need a siesta after this birthday fiesta!
  • Fiesta Mitzvah Party Fiesta is a great theme for a fun and colorful bar or bat mitzvah. Ideas for sign in, decorations, centerpieces, favors and more!
  • Ole! Easy Fiesta Party Ideas - A great party doesn't have to be difficult to host! Try this easy fiesta party theme.
  • Fiesta Sweet 16 - Celebrate sweet 16 with bright colors, fun music, and great food! Lots of sweet 16 specific fiesta party ideas.

Personalize Your Party


Give Your Fiesta the Personal Touch! Personalized fiesta invitations are a wonderful way to set the mood for your party. Whether you use a caricature invitation, a semi-custom caricature invite or one of our fiesta invitation designs you will send the message that your fiesta will be one to remember. And our matching designs for party favors and decorations will carry the theme throughout the night.


Fiesta Party Decorations and fiesta Party Supplies
Make shopping for your fiesta party decorations and party supplies much easier! We recommend hundreds of fun fiesta party supplies, decorations and party items.

Fiesta Table Decorations and Menu
We know you’ll spend most of the evening doing a Mexican hat dance or playing with that little umbrella in your margarita but you still have to eat. It’s not a party without the food! The food table is the one spot all your guests are sure to visit so you want it to be unforgettable. We’ll suggest some fun table decorations that go with the fiesta theme. And we’ll even throw in links to our favorite Mexican fiesta recipes. And while you are eating your guests can enjoy some fun fiesta music.


Fiesta Party Games and Fiesta Party Music


Fiesta Party Music. Good fiesta party music not only sets the mood but you learn to do the Hula or the Limbo.


Fiesta Party Games and Fiesta Party Activities. The Game Girl suggests piñatas, dance offs and a chili pepper challenge. Just visit our fiesta game page

Fiesta Party Favors
Your guests probably walked in with a hostess gift. So why not let them walk out with a great fiesta party favor? There’s candy, loot bags, personalized water bottles and…..well the list just goes on. We suggest favors that work with your party theme and your budget.


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