Office Party Ideas and Themes

Planning an office party can be a daunting task. It should be a fun event, meant to relax and reward the staff. But things have changed and many companies have begun to shy away from office parties. Don’t be silly! You can still have a great office party! Here are our best office party ideas!

Note: This section is for an office party. If you are looking for ideas for a larger corporate party visit our Corporate Holiday Party page.

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Retirement Party Office Ideas
Send off that special coworker with a celebration that shows them all their hard work was appreciated and they will be missed! Bright decorations and a few fun activities will make the party a blast for everyone.
Office Christmas Party
Show your coworkers/employees how much you appreciate them with a fun and festive office party ideas for Christmas. Traditional red and green will deck the halls of your workplace, and fun office party games will make all of your guests very merry this Christmas!
Winter Holiday Office Party
Workplace diversity can make throwing a holiday party a little more difficult. That’s OK! The party can still be fun and a good way to celebrate a year of hard (and hopefully profitable) work and to share Season’s Greetings with all. We share out best office party ideas for the perfect holiday theme...Winter! Snow never offends anyone (except when it turns to slush!)

 Office Party Planning Tips
People get nervous at office parties. Nervousness can equal erratic behavior so reduce the stress by setting some ground rules. Make sure you answer the following questions:

  • Will there be alcohol at the party and if so is it open bar or cash bar?
  • Are spouses and dates invited? This is particularly important if the party is off your property.
  • How long will the festivities last? Not everyone can get there at 5:30 so it’s nice to know people will still be there later in the evening.
  • What’s the proper dress? Not usually a big problem and not necessary in a majority of cases, but if you are hosting the party at a private club or a place no one has been to before a heads up about what to wear can save some people serious embarrassment.

Whether you plan to host a big bash or a small gathering try these suggestions:

  • Be as generous as your budget allows. Your employees work hard and they are looking for a show of appreciation. They view your generosity as a barometer of their performance.
  • Try to go somewhere different. If there is a tavern or restaurant close by your employees are probably there all the time. Why not drive an extra 5 minutes and meet at someplace different.
  • If you have the party on premise make sure to decorate. Telling them to meet in the cafeteria will excite no one. Asking them to join you on the beach (the cafeteria decorated for luau) and they know it’s a special day. Check out all of our office party ideas and theme party ideas for inspiration.
  • Invest in a bartender. They’ll monitor and control drinking. They also can make attractive and fun “virgin” drinks. People like picking a non-alcoholic “cool” option. Letting employees pour their own can be a problem and asking an employee to tend bar may be putting them in a bad spot.
  • Have a theme for your party. We mentioned luau because it’s always a hit but casino and Mardi Gras are also real favorites that can be planned for 10 or a 100.

Think about providing some great party favors or even door prizes. It’s nice to walk away with a remembrance of a great time. Finally make sure you have fun. If you’re a manager, mingle with your employees they’ll appreciate it and you’ll enjoy it.