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Thanksgiving Decorations.

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Thanksgiving let’s you decorate your home, your family and friends as well as your table! Here are some great party supplies and table decorations for your Thanksgiving eating and Football watching!
thanksgiving party supplies and paper goods
One of the easiest ways to decorate your feast is with Thanksgiving supplies.
Thanksgiving Harvest 10'' Plates
Thanksgiving Paper Goods
Turkey Paper Goods
Thanksgiving Centerpieces

Plastic Tableware
Plastic Tableware

thanksgiving party decorations

Fall Trees Scene Setter Roll
Fall Scene Setter

Fall Paper Fans
Thanksgiving Banner

Pumpkin Patch Scene Setter Roll
Pumpkin Patch Scene

Turkey Hanging Decoration
Turkey Hanging Decoration

Fall Pumpkin Lanterns

Turkey & Fall LeafHonecomb Garland
Turkey and Fall Garland

Fall Leaf Metallic Whirls
Fall Leaf Whirls
fall bunting
Fall Bunting
Turkey Decorating Kit
Fall Colors Fluffy Garland
Fall Fluffy Garland

Fall Color Tissue Leaves
Tissue Leaves

Turkey Glitter Decoration
Turkey Glitter Decoration

thanksgiving wearables and party favors
Make your Thanksgiving a little more fun with a few favors and party items.
Official Carver Ribbon

Drumstick Headboppers
Drumstick Headbopper

Indian Headband

Pilgrim Hat
Pilgrim Hat

Thanksgiving Decorating Tips:
  • Orange, red, and brown.  Let these three colors be your guide as you begin decorating for Thanksgiving.  From bright orange pumpkins to red cranberry garlands to artificial autumn leaves, carry this color scheme throughout your home to create a warm, welcoming atmosphere.
  • A heap of perfect pumpkins in the center of a round or rectangular table makes an easy and elegant centerpiece.  To fill in holes, try scattering pine cones along the table as well.
  • Pile small gourds in tall vases to give height to a centerpiece or to emphasize a buffet table.
  • Take an extra large pumpkin, cut off the first three inches of it, scrape the inside of the pumpkin clean, fill it with ice, and you have your own pumpkin beer cooler! Stock the pumpkin with an assortment of your favorite brews.
  • Let your kids create the decorations!  Children often make Thanksgiving art projects at school as the holiday approaches, so show off their work around your home along with more traditional decor, adding a sentimental touch to your family get together.
  • Along with the traditional pumpkin pie, surprise your guests with a DIY caramel apple bar.  Set out warm caramel in a crock pot and bowls of toppings, like nuts, sprinkles, Oreo pieces, and M&Ms.   Provide plastic bags so family and friends can take one home as a favor.