Inflatable party supplies are fun and harmless. Inflatable microphones and musical instruments are better than air guitar.

16" Beach Ball

Basic Beachball!

Price $12.99

28" Microphone

Think Big!

Price $14.78

36" Princess Wand

Make a Wish!

Price $13.55

42" Flame Guitars

Party Perfect!

Price $20.33

48" Sword

Ahoy Mate!

Price $17.95

6" Beach Ball

A Day at the Beach!

Price $6.59

Animal Print Guitars

Surfin' Safari!

Price $18.83

Animal Print Shoes

Walk on the Wild Side!

Price $32.48

Bahama Dangling Decor

Fun ceilng decorations for a luau theme party!

Price $4.45


With a Banjo on My Knee!

Price $16.62

Black #1 Inflatable Hands

We are #1. Get ready for game days and school spirit and fundraising, too. If your team color is black show your pride and team spirit with our number one 16" inflatable hand. Our black inflatable #1 hands are sold by the dozen. Please order in increments of 1 dozen.

Price $12.00

Black & White Guitars

Best Seller!

Price $20.33

Bongo Drum

Listen to the Beat!

Price $23.49

Cactus Inflatable Decoration

Add to your decorations for a western or fiesta party with our jumbo 34" inflatable cactus in a pot. A perfect decoration for western, Cinco de Mayo, fiesta or tropical parties. Our 34" inflatable cactus is sold by the piece. Please order in increments of 1 piece.

Price $12.00


Great for Your Swing Set!

Price $10.46

Gold & Silver Guitars

Can You Hear the Music!

Price $20.85

Groovy Guitar Inflatable

Part of the Band!

Price $13.55


Party Perfect!

Price $12.10

Inflatable 13" Footballs


Price $6.64

Inflatable 14" Baseballs

Fun inflatable baseballs

Price $11.11

Inflatable 14"Basketball

Jump Shot!

Price $6.88

Inflatable Boxing Gloves

Set the Scene to Party!

Price $3.73

Inflatable Crown

King for the Day!

Price $8.48

Inflatable Luau Sandals

Show Your Toes!

Price $31.29

Inflatable Sandals

Show Your Toes!

Price $23.44

Inflatable Standing Mic

Party Perfect!

Price $2.90

Inflatable We're #1 Hand

Set the Scene to Party!

Price $11.52

Keyboard on a Strap

And on Keyboard!

Price $25.28

Large Saxophone

Best Seller!

Price $15.11

Light Blue Inflate Hand

Fun Sports Party decoration!

Price $11.52

Multi Color Guitars

Bright Colors!

Price $20.33

Multi Color Microphones

Party Perfect!

Price $8.62

Multi Color Saxophone

Part of the Band!

Price $9.84

Musical Sneakers

Piano Man Sneakers!

Price $32.48

Patriotic Guitar Inflate

Part of the Band!

Price $14.45

Pirate Inflatable Treasure Chest

Where is the treasure?

Price $19.99

Red #1 Inflatable Hands

We're #1. Show your pride in being the best when you inflate our 16" red #1 hands. If red is your favorite team or school color our red #1 inflatable hand is perfect to show your team spirit. Each hand is individually wrapped and then is packed 1 dozen in a polybag. Please order in increments of 1 dozen.

Price $12.00

Silver & Gold Microphone

Best Seller!

Price $8.62

Silver & Gold Saxophone

Party Perfect!

Price $12.10