Pumpkin Theme Halloween Party. Jack O Lantern theme party.

Pumpkin Theme Halloween Party: Jack O'Lantern Jamboree

What’s better than using pumpkins as your theme for your Halloween party? Here’s a step-by-step plan for the perfect pumpkin theme Halloween party! Use pieces and parts or do it all—and just add some entertainment (like a pumpkin carving contest, pumpkin cookie decorating, pumpkin pie eating, etc.)…if you’d like.

pumpkin theme halloween invitations
Send your party invitation early enough that your guests can save the date and get super excited for an extra special event. Here are a few pumpkin theme invitations:

Get the kids involved! Create your own pumpkin invitations out of orange and green construction paper.  Older kids can cut out pumpkin shapes and younger kids can help add stickers or glitter.  (They'll love being a part of the planning process.)
pumpkin Theme Halloween Party Decorations and Supplies
Start by decorating the outside of your house for your party.  You can even put these decorations up early in October for all the neighbors to enjoy. Line the walkway or driveway with a pumpkin luminaries to give guests the perfect entrance to your party.  A set of pumpkin lanterns would be perfect on the porch.
Of course you'll need LOTS of pumpkins outside of the party area.  Line the stairs to your home or the yard with an array of carved pumpkin.  You can even get a few close friends to help carve them a day or two before the party.
Once the outside looks great, decorate the inside of your home for your pumpkin party
pumpkin theme Table Decorations 

Set a Jack ‘O Lantern Tabletop!  Set the table with pumpkin theme paper goods that fit the theme perfectly with no washing dishes afterwards!

Serve "pumpkin juice" for any of the adults (and a non-alocholic orange juice for the kids).

pumpkin juice
3 oz vodka
1/2 oz triple sec
1 dash orange bitters
Mix together in a martini shaker and serve over ice for a sweet pumpkin theme drink.
   Halloween Pumpkin Activities
We mentioned earlier having pumpkin cookie decorating at this fun Halloween party.  It's a great activity for kids (and adults!).  Here are some other fun ideas to keep your guests happy at your Halloween party:
A pumpkin carving station is always fun! Set out pumpkins and pumpkin tools and let guests make their own Jack O' Lantern.

When they are done carving their pumpkins, challenge everyone with a jack o' lantern piñata!
Personalize Your Party! Place a pumpkin photo op in a corner with a Polaroid or single-use camera for some great souvenirs.
halloween pumpkin Party Favors
Be sure to pass out pumpkin theme party to say "Thank you for coming!"  Fill a Halloween treat bag with fun pumpkin treats and candy: