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April Fool's Day Party Ideas

Not only fools celebrate...It is said that in the mid-1500's, someone chose a new calendar with the new year starting on January 1st instead of April 1st (Actually, everyone began celebrating the new year on March 25 for eight days--ending on April 1st). People who didn't realize or didn't feel like going along with the "establishment" continued to celebrate on April 1st and were called "fools" by the populace, sent fake invitations and were the object of pranks. Go figure.

If the holiday falls mid-week, you may want to hold a party on the Saturday before or the Saturday after. Before April Fool's Day, your event is a "Make Ready for April Fool's Day" Party; after April 1st, it's a "Procrastinator's April Fool's Day" Party. With me, here?


April Fool's Invitation
A flier works for me. I doubt that you'll find April Fool's Day invitations at your local party or stationery store. Find a picture of a jester (or use a picture of yourself) and go from there...
Fools Rush In
for a "Make Ready For April Fool's Day" Party or
"Procrastinator's April Fool's Day" Party
Date, Time, Place, RSVP

Suggested copy:
Come ready to share your April Fool's Day
experiences, creative concepts and good ideas.
April Fool's Table decorations and Menu
The usual stuff: easy to make, and easy to serve--except for dessert. has found two fabulous April Fool's Day recipes. The first is Kitty Litter Cake--This looks just like kitty litter (complete with chlorophyll) but tastes like spice cake: Serve it with a brand new pooper scooper.

The second is Puppy Chow. This looks like Puppy Chow but tastes like peanut butter and chocolate--kind of a cereal "Shake-n-Bake" that is served in clean doggy dishes. Works for me. Don't forget to make little table tents naming each one so people get it or all your work is wasted!


April Fool's Activities
Have an April Fool's Day competition. Each guest is told to try and pull one over on another guest. Have everyone congregate and ask each person to get up and share what happened. As well, they can share any past experience that comes to mind. The only prank I remember happening to me on April Fool's Day is when my father married my stepmother in a surprise ceremony in Nassau of all places. He called to tell me, and I was sure it was a joke because it was, in fact, April 1st. After 20 minutes of me saying, "Very funny, Dad!", I finally realized he wasn't kidding. Twenty years later, I'm still not sure he wasn't making it up.


April Fool's Favors
If you love your friends, why not buy a "I'm no April Fool" t-shirt or button? If you like your friends and are working on a smaller budget, give them each a pile of "kick me" Post-It™ notes they can use on April Fool's Day (this year or next) on friends, co-workers and absolute strangers.

Have a good time!