Hats, Wigs & Headgear

1950s Jackie Wig (Blonde) Adult

Includes a classic 50s-style blonde wig with flipped-up ends and short bangs.

Price $16.99

1970's Disco Dude Short Brown Afro Adult

A funkadelic fro for a disco dude or dudette.

Price $16.99

20s Short Flapper (Black) Adult Wig

It don't mean a thing if it ain't got that swing.

Price $19.99

20s Short Flapper (Blonde) Adult Wig

It don't mean a thing if it ain't got that swing

Price $19.99

300- Deluxe King Leonidas Headpiece

The Deluxe King Leonidas Headpiece will amaze you.

Price $26.99

300- Deluxe Spartan Helmet

The Deluxe Spartan Helmet is bronze colored soft flexible plastic and features an antique finish with intricate design patterns.

Price $16.99

50's Housewife Auburn Wig

The perfect hairdo for any 50's era costume.

Price $14.99

60's Moustache- Brown

We'll get you babe with this brown 60's moustache.

Price $6.99

60's Pop Icon Wig Blonde

Includes a short blonde, layered wig.

Price $6.99

60's Teaser Wig Black

Soft curls and bangs with some major teasing complete this very retro wig.

Price $9.99

70's Disco Doll Auburn Wig

Catch Disco Fever in our 70's Disco Doll Auburn Wig.

Price $16.99

70's Pornstar Wig and Moustache

How you doin'?

Price $14.99

80's Groupie Adult Wig

"It's o.k., I'm totally with the band."

Price $16.99

80's Rock Idol Black Adult Wig

Want your retro rocker to look even more diesel?

Price $14.99

A Nightmare On Elm Street - Freddy EVA Molded Adult Fedora

Top off the look of your classic killer!

Price $8.99

Abe Lincoln Beard

Four score and seven years ago...

Price $7.99

Addams Family Deluxe Morticia Wig

Your special Gomez will certainly think that this wig perfect for you this Halloween.

Price $19.99

Addams Family Deluxe Wednesday Wig

You’re not Wednesday without the long black braids!

Price $16.99

Admiral Hat

A great hat for your naval officer costume!

Price $8.99

Adult Army Helmet

Don't get caught in combat without it!

Price $19.99

Adult Bowler Brown Hat

Fit for a fine gentleman.

Price $24.99

Adult Cloche Hat

She's one fashionable crook.

Price $24.99

Adult Explorer Hat

Marking territories and claiming nations.

Price $24.99

Adult GI Hat

Get a look at that heroic hat.

Price $8.99

Adult Gray Baseball Cap with Blonde Bangs

Business in the front, party in the back!

Price $12.99

Adult Gray Baseball Cap with Blonde Ponytail

You could be a redneck if...

Price $12.99

Adult Gray Baseball Cap with Brown Bangs

You might be a redneck if you wear this hat!

Price $12.99

Adult Gray Visor with Blonde Afro

It's "Afro-Fabulous!"

Price $14.99

Adult Lacey Pirate Hat

Luscious lace to frame your pretty face.

Price $39.99

Adult Mobster Hat

Who said crooks weren't stylish?

Price $24.99

Adult Spartan Helmet

When in Sparta...

Price $34.99

Adult Tan Visor with Brown Afro

Once you go fro, you'll never let go.

Price $14.99

Adult Witch Hat

Top off your whimsical witch's look with this sassy hat featuring oversized black rose, feathers and web decoration.

Price $15.99

Adult Yeti Hat

Myth or Legend?

Price $24.99

Afro Poof Wig Adult

Our Afro Poofs are a sure hit with any disco diva or 70's themed costume!

Price $16.99

Alice in Wonderland - Alice Hat and Collar Set Adult

Going down the Rabbit Hole?

Price $18.99

Alice in Wonderland - Cheshire Catarina Hat and Tail Set Adult

A Furry Hat for a Friend of Alice!

Price $24.99

Alice In Wonderland - Classic Mad Hatter Hat

Hosting a tea party?!?

Price $29.99

Alice In Wonderland - Classic Tweedledee/Tweedledum Hat

Show off a bit of your silly side!

Price $12.99

Alice In Wonderland - Classic White Rabbit Hat

Whether you're on time or late for a very important date!

Price $24.99