Spider Halloween Party. Spider theme party supplies, invitations. Creepy crawler invitations.

Spider Theme Halloween Party Ideas

Scare the pants off of your friends with a spider themed Halloween party! A Spider Shindig! As long as your guests don't have a serious case of arachnophobia, this party will be a hit with family and friends.  This fun and easy theme is inexpensive, too, and spider theme party supplies are cool in a creepy kind of way.  Plus, there are so many great spider decorations to choose from!
spider shindig Halloween Invitations
Start your party off right by sending out a fun (or spooky) spider theme invitation to get everyone excited for your soiree.  We love our personalized creepy spider invitation for a spider theme party.  
Add a special touch to your invite with a few spiders (not real ones, of course).  Purchase a spider punch from a local craft store to make spider confetti. Add a handful to your invite as an extra surprise when guests open the envelope.
Try some of this wording to spookify your spider theme invitation:
Drop in...
For a creepy, crawly good time!
Calling all ghosts, goblins, and freaks of the night!
Creep, crawl, or float on over for our Halloween bash!
Join us if you dare
For a Spootacular Halloween Soiree!
What a tangled web we'll weave
When we gather on All Hallow's Eve!  
Invitation Tip: Be sure to send invitations 4-6 weeks in advance so people's calendars are still open. And if you'd like guests to arrive in costume, leave a little note at the bottom of your invite as a reminder.
spiders Halloween Party Decorations and Party Supplies
Decorate the outside of your home with spine-chilling spider decorations.  Try these decorations to tie your yard to the theme:
  • Hang a Halloween spider theme banner over your entrance.  Flank your door with stretchy spider webs and balloon bouquets. 
  • For a dramatic outdoor decoration, set up a large Halloween spider on your porch! Add stretchy spider webs and blacklights for an eerie glow.
  • Line your walkway with halloween luminary bags to light the way to your door.
  • Add a group of orange and black balloons to your mailbox so the house is easy to find, and put a bouquet on either side of your front door, weather permitting.
  • Construct a giant spider for your yard by filling two trash bags with leaves for the body (one bag must be smaller than the other).  Spray paint eight pool noodles black and pose them with the trash bag body.  (Try the same technique on a smaller scale inside your home, but use an inflated black balloon instead of trash bags.)
  • Greet your guests dressed as a vampire or a giant spider, and hand out spider rings as family and friends enter so they get in the creepy, crawly mood.
Decorate your party space for a spider soiree...
  • Start with webbing in the foyer that leads to the main room where guests will celebrate.
  • Add a few posable spiders around the party, or hang a giant spider from the ceiling!
  • Want to DIY a giant spider? Make one to hang over your buffet table by attaching eight black crepe paper "legs" to a large black paper lantern.  Add eyes and fangs made from white construction paper, and you have a creepy guard for your dinner!
  • Have the kiddos make easy pipe cleaner spiders to scatter on end tables.
  • Hang torn cheesecloths in corners, on chandeliers, and on the mantle.  They look just like torn spider webs!
  • Use double-sided tape to create a trail of plastic spiders crawling their way along a hallway or in a bathroom.
  • Personalize Your Party! Place a Halloween cutout with your face(s) welcoming all (you can even add a speech bubble). The pumpkin’s our favorite. 
  • Want something extra fun?  Stick a posable spider "climbing" out of your toilet tank. It will get everyone laughing (or screaming!)

Add blacklights, fog machines, and purple twinkle lights throughout your space to set the mood.  Make your whole party glow!

Spiders theme Table Decorations
Set your table to look its best with spider theme décor. We love silver linens covered with a black lace tablecovers.  You can use all black paper goods or real plates and silverware for a more formal event. 
Have fun with your spider theme centerpieces, too.  Use a few of these creepy table decorations:
  • Fill a tall vase with plastic spiders and webbing for a simple and fun centerpiece. 
  • Or try an assortment of vases mixed together with plastic spiders in some vases and "dead" black artificial flowers in others.
  • Cut a hole in the top of a mini pumpkin, and put a candle votive in the slot.  Add eight pipe cleaner legs to make this pumpkin really crawl!
  • Glue plastic spiders to a white pumpkin, and add web lines to the pumpkin with a black marker.  Group several together, and try to vary the heights of the pumpkins by putting the largest on a black cake stand.
  • Hang paper lanterns above the buffet, and drape webbing and plastic spiders between the lanterns to create an eerie atmosphere.
  • Scatter fake spiders around your centerpieces, and use torn cheesecloth as a table runner to look just like a ripped web.
Don't forget your creepy spider bar!  Along with several other drink options (like red wine "blood"), create a signature cocktail for your event, and call it something like the "Black Widow Martini".  Here's a simple recipe for a perfect red martini:
Black Widow (red) Martini
  • 1.25 oz. Vodka
  • 0.25 oz. of triple sec
  • 1 oz. of cranberry juice
  • lemon twist
Shake all of the ingredients together in a martini shaker and serve over ice.  We can't get enough of light up cocktail glasses.  Everyone will love their drink served in a martini glass with a red sugar-coated rim and a maraschino cherry!
halloween spiders Party Favors
Whether it is a personalized gift or a fun spider themed toy, make sure to hand out favors to say, "Thanks for coming!" You will want to send guests home with something to remember your spider soiree. 
Hand out one Halloween favors as friends head out the door:     
  • Fill a Halloween favor bag with Halloween candy for the kids.
  • Send home some chocolate with a spider theme candy bar wrapper.
  • Take a Blow Pop sucker and add four pipe cleaners to make legs. Add plastic googly eyes, and you have a spider sucker favor! 
  • Fill a clear cellophane bag with candy corn, and tie a plastic spider ring with a thank you note to the top.  Family and friends will appreciate this classic treat!
  • Hand out glow jewelry that guests can wear at your party and then take home.
Your guests will squirm with delight at this fun, creepy crawly Halloween Spider Shindig! Happy Halloween from everyone at Party411.com!