Halloween Pirate Party. Pirate costumes, pirate accessorites and party supplies.

Halloween Pirate Party

Ahoy, me Hearties! Weigh anchor and hoist the mizzen, we are headed off to plan a Pirate Halloween Party! With all of the pirate decorations and party supplies available, we are sure to have a swashbuckling good time! So grab your cutlass, this Halloween means a trip down to Davy Jones' Locker...

Pirate Invitations for Halloween
Your mateys will 'arggggg' at these personalized pirate Halloween invitations. Throw a few plastic gold coins in the envelope. And be sure to mention that everyone must come in their best pirate gear, or they will walk the plank!

Or choose one of these invite ideas...

  • If you're feeling ambitious, make your own invitation. Get the whole family involved, and draw a treasure map to your house. Just make sure the clues aren't too difficult!
  • Roll your invite into a scroll, tie with twine, and afix a red seal.  Hand out your 'treasure maps' in person or mail them in a mailing tube.
  • Send party wearables along with your invite - eye patches, red bandanas, and fake gold earrings are fun!
  • Go all out! Roll up your invite and put it in a glass bottle with some sand, gold coins, and plastic jewels.  Guests will love getting their 'Message in a bottle'.

Choose the perfect pirate wording for your invite...

Ahoy, me hearties! Yo ho!
Join us for a swashbucklin' Halloween party!

Avast ye, mateys! Join us if you dare
For a night of grub, grog, and dancing!

What arrrgh you doing October 31st?
Join your mateys at the pirate ship Roberts
For a Halloween party!

Send out invites 6-8 weeks in advance so friends and family rsvp with an 'aye aye, captain!'

Halloween Pirate Party Decorations and Party Supplies
Don't be a landlubber! Transform your space, inside and out, into a pirate ship or secret island hideway perfect for Halloween.

Up the Gangplank (The Entrance)

  • Put a 'Beware of Pirates' sign the end of your driveway or walkway (a fair warning).
  • Put an red X outside the doorway with red duct tape. (X marks the spot!)Don't forget to hang a skull and bones pirate outside your door, too.
  • A pirate theme banner hanging over the doorway lets guests know to "Enter at your own risk"!
  • Have a life-size cutout of you as a pirate or lady pirate waiting at the door.  Add a speech bubble that says, "Happy Halloween, mateys!)
  • At the door, put out giant treasure chest filled with pirate wearables. We love the hats, eye patches, vests and bandanas!  Throw in some gold coins and party beads. 
  • Since it is Halloween you don't want to forget the jack o'lanterns! Carve them up with a pirate twist; a toothy smile and an eye patch over one triangle eye will do the trick. Or carve three pumpkins to read Yo-Ho-Ho and use them on your front steps.
Down in Davy Jones' Locker (Indoor Decorations) 
  • We love black and white balloon bouquets! Tie them off with black ribbon and use a skull head as a balloon weight. 
  • Tangle plastic skeletons and bones in netting and hang throughout your party space.
  • Set up pirate skeleton vignettes!  Dress plastic skeletons in pirate costumes (hats, eye patches, jackets, etc), and pose them - drinking rum, crawling to reach a treasure chest, and sitting on antique luggage next to a 'Beware' sign.
  • Wood barrels fit the theme and are a great place to put drinks and set out snacks.
  • For a creepy decoration, add blood red candles on side tables or the mantle.
  • Add a skull here and there, and maybe even some empty bottles with the word RUM on them. (Don't forget those XXs you see in the cartoons
  • Colorful toy parrots can be tied onto banisters or the shoulders of your guests.

Make sure to scatter gold coins, acrylic jewels, and party beads all over your party space.  Pirates need plenty of booty!

Pirate Theme Table decorations and menu

Every scurvy seadog should decorate their party tables for an unforgettable Halloween pirate party!

Grub in the Galley (Setting the Table)

  • First off, start with red and black paper goods (no need to wash dishes; I'd rather walk the plank). 
  • Cover tables in black linen and add red and white striped table runners.
  • Place pirate hats with bouquets of pirate skull and crossbones balloons coming out of them down the middle of the table.
  • Pile gold coins, party beads, and acrylic jewels on every table. Set out little drawstring bags so your mateys can fill them with booty.

Yo ho ho and a bottle of rum... (The Bar)

  • A personalized pirate cutout can guard the bar! Your guests will love to see you as a swashbuckling pirate king or queen. 
  • If you're having bartenders...tell them to wear black or white t-shirts and then give them each a pirate vest (not to mention the other wearables above!)
  • Pack a treasure chest with water and beer that have personalized pirate beer bottle labels.
  • Serve pirate-style cocktails that your mateys will love - rum and coke anyone? 

Serve drinks in beer mugs. (Metal ones if you can get them!) Your mateys will be singing "Fifteen men on a dead man's chest, Yo ho ho and a bottle of rum" in no time!

Pirate Activities for Halloween
You'll want to keep your mateys entertained or they might get rowdy! Keep them entertained with these pirate activities:

  • Send your mateys on a pirate scavenger hunt perfect for Halloween!  Organize one for around the house or neighborhood. Draw your lists up to look like treasure maps!
  • Every Halloween party needs a costume contest! Have each guest write their favorites on a scrap of paper and place it in a pirate hat. Award prizes to the "Best Scallywag" and "Most Bonnie Wench".
  • Set up a "Pirate Pictures" photo booth with an assortment of halloween photo booth props.  A pirate flag makes a perfect backdrop for pictures!
  • Set out bins of plastic pirate weapons and start a few skirmishes with your guests!
Of course, we have dozens of halloween party games to choose from, too!

Pirate Theme Party Favors for Halloween
Send your mateys home with some booty - or they may make you walk the plank! Put a red 'X' above your favor table. It's where the treasure is after all!

  • Have your pirate pals fill a halloween favor bag at your pirate themed candy buffet. Fill treasure chests with chocolate gold coins, pirate jewels (ring pops), gold nuggets (rollos), pirate rope (licorice), fish bait (gummy worms), and cannon balls (gumballs).
  • Your mateys can take home all those party wearables as party favors - eyepatches, hats, bandanas, and party beads!
  • Bags of mini Chips 'Ahoy' cookies are an easy favor and a great pun!
  • Make a "Booty Bag" for the grownups - a mini liquor bottle and some gold coins. 
  • Add a tag to whichever favor you choose that says, "We arrgh so glad you came!"

And don't forget to include a personalized pirate Halloween candy bar. What is Halloween without chocolate?

Have fun plundering on Halloween from the Party Girl!