Hollywood Party Supplies

Party Supplies, Decorations and Favors for Your Hollywood Party!

Decorating your Hollywood theme party is as easy as a stroll down the red carpet! The lights, the glitz, the glamor... make sure to include it all!

hollywood invitations and party favors

Personalized invites and favors will set the right tone for your red carpet event!
hollywood invitations
backstage pass invitations
hollywood banners
hollywood candy bar favors

hollywood party supplies and paper goods

Add some glamor to your buffet and tables with these great Hollywood paper goods. Set them on black, silver, gold or red tablecloth, and sprinkle the tabletop with some star confetti for a great look!

Popcorn Boxes

Gold Party Supplies

Silver Party Supplies

Hollywood Foil Cascade Centerpiece

hollywood theme party decorations

A red carpet is a MUST for any Hollywood party. Another great idea is to use gold plastic statues as balloons weights. Stars, film rolls, clapboards and walk of fame stars... make sure to "feature" them in your party decorations.
Hollywood Red Floor Runner
Red Carpet Runner
Red Tissue Stanchion
Stanchion Rope

Hollywood Movie Camera Pinata

Hollywood Movie Clapboard Jumbo Foil Balloon

Awards Night Door Panel Decoration

Paparazzi Props
Paparazzi Wall Props

Hollywood Window Scene Decoration

Hollywood Film Metallic Border Roll Decoration


Awards Night Male Statue 5' Cutout

Silver Stars Centerpiece

Neon Food Sign Cutouts

Hollywood City 40 Foot Wall Decoration

VIP Hollywood Backdrop Step and Repeat

Award Night Door Curtain

VIP Stage Entrance Hollywood Door Cover

Awards Night Female Photo Prop

hollywood wearables and party favors

Dress your guests for the red carpet! Everyone will have a great time at your party with a few fun wearables and party favors thrown into the mix. Let them know how much you appreciate them attending your event with a great favor.

Awards Night Male Statuette

Awards Night Female Statuette

Gold Trophy Favors

Star Sunglasses


Hollywood Top Hat Feather Fascinator

VIP Hollywood Party Pass and Lanyard

Hollywood Star Award Trophies

Hollywood Party Decorating Tips:
  • Hollywood would not be Hollywood without paparazzi! Create a paparazzi photobooth where guests can pose on the "red carpet."  For a background, use polyester glitter fabric, and leave a basket of feather boas, sunglasses, and outrageous hats so friends and family can look their finest for the cameras.  Have a friend operate the camera, and post the pictures on your favorite social networking site so guests can download them after the party is over.
  • Scatter confetti stars on tables with black and gold table clothes to create a VIP feel to your bash.
  • Group gold and black balloons together in odd numbers to highlight the buffet, gift and sign in table, and photobooth.  
  • Make your guests feel like a star by creating VIP seating cards.  Make it easy for guests to find their tables by creating table signs of famous places in Hollywood, like Rodeo Drive, Sunset Boulevard, and Hollywood Boulevard.
  • Give your venue the red carpet treatment by having a red carpet leading to the front door.  Red plastic runners are easy to find.  Look above!
  • Want your guests to dress their best?  Give prizes for best Hollywood costumes, and encourage friends and family to impersonate their favorite stars.  Give out awards (little gold trophies anyone?) to the Best Actor, Best Actress, and Best Couple.
  • If you'd like to give a keepsake to your guest of honor (birthday boy or girl), create a Hollywood Walk of Fame Star personalized with their name.  Have friends and family sign the star when they arrive, and frame after the party.