Company Holiday Party Ideas

Planning a corporate holiday party is an important and challenging task. A company holiday party is a great way to thank key stakeholders for their help and support over the past year. It also offers a fun way to do a little relationship building with all stakeholders. can help you with ideas, theme party planning, budget planning and management for your seasonal party. We can provide you with great ideas for holiday theme parties, corporate gift ideas, custom invitations, life-size cutouts and signage, candy bar wrappers and memorable caricatures. We’ll help you with company holiday party ideas that will send Season’s Greetings to your employees, your customers and your boss!

the party girls favorite corporate holiday themes
Winter Wonderland Theme Corporate Holiday Party
A perfect snow theme holiday party to please everyone on your guest list. A Winter Wonderland theme makes for a great party theme that can be as elegant or casual as you would like for your holiday party.
Corporate Christmas Party Holiday Theme
This party is just plain fun. Have a party with the theme of Santa Claus! Sometimes we try just too hard when the obvious is staring us right in the face. Let's celebrate Santa--he works hard, gives us presents, brightens up our lives!
Feliz Navidad Holiday Fiesta Theme Party
Sick of the same old same old for your office holiday party? Then spice things up with these fiesta company holiday party ideas! Feliz Navidad! It’s Christmas time all over the world but few places have celebrations that are as warm and colorful as Mexico. Combine fiesta with your office holiday party and shout Ole!
Magical Holiday Party Theme Ideas
We all know that the holidays are magic and magic is another one of those themes that works without being too holiday specific! Spread the magic of your company to clients, staff or both with a one of a kind magical holiday party.
Holiday Lights Theme Holiday Party
Holiday lights is the perfect theme that celebrates the holidays no matter who is attending. Be it clients, employees or both, using lights, candles and these neutral company holiday party ideas to decorate your room brings a touch of elegance without a huge cost.  
Corporate Holiday Cocktail Party Ideas
The holidays are the perfect time of year to express your appreciation for employees, coworkers or clients. Show them your appreciation with a more formal, elegant and of course, fun holiday cocktail party this holiday season.
Corporate Holiday Dance Party Mix a great message with a client or employee recognition holiday party and a rockin' music theme. A dance party is a great, fun and unexpected way to celebrate the holidays with your clients or employees!  Blow them away this holiday season with a fun filled evening.