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Divorce Party

Webster’s Dictionary lists the word “do” as a verb and as a noun. In the case of the title above, it can be used either way. When it comes to the list of “do’s and don’ts” regarding divorce…you want to start on the “do” side of the list—do something, do anything and do it now to get closure. And how do you do that? You eat, drink and be unmarried at a big DO in your honor!

My mind swirls at the possibilities. Is it a bonfire fueled by wedding pictures and marriage documents? A funeral where you bury your ring(s) in a proper casket? A “single again” party where you come out as being available to the world? Is it a celebration of your own personal independence day? An outright fundraiser where you ask friends and family for donations—not for room and board but for, Fish in the Sea and/or eHarmony? Or is it all of the above? You choose. You are finally FREE to do so. Have a fabulous divorce party!

Divorce Party Invitation
Your marriage may have been on the rocks, but divorce rocks, too, and feels a whole lot better. Use our “Divorce Rocks” invitation to let everyone know you’re celebrating and not feeling sorry for yourself (even if that’s bull).

A ticket invitation or a backstage pass invitation also work well with the rock n roll theme of this divorce party and make for fun invitations. Let everyone know they will need their tickets or passes to enter the party.



Put a welcome banner at entrance, with some real divorce humor to set the tone. Here’s a good one for men, and a great one for women:

My husband and I divorced over religious differences.
He thought he was God, and I didn't.

As guests enter, you can really get everyone in the mood with 2-sided divorce quotes hanging from the ceiling in the foyer or at the entrance to your party mixed with rock n roll record dangles. Party411 can create them for you or do it yourself. Here are just a few of my favorites that I found on the Internet:

  • Divorce is the screwing you get for the screwing you got!
  • I just ran into my ex. Then I put it in reverse and ran him/her over again!
  • For Sale: Wedding dress worn once by mistake!
  • Take out my ex tonight; one bullet oughta do it.
  • Marriage is a three-ring circus: engagement ring, wedding ring, and suffering.
  • We were incompatible. I’m a [Virgo], he/she is an asshole.
  • Definition of Divorce: the future tense of marriage.

You could decorate with the usual fun rock and roll stuff plus 45’s or LP’s that you’ve personalized with your very own labels relating to your ex. Build on the rock and roll theme with Mylar guitar balloons and other fun rock and roll party decorations. Be sure to have inflatable microphones on hand for anyone singing breakup songs.

Think burning some marriage memorabilia will make you feel better? Build a huge bonfire in your backyard where you not only burn your marriage certificate but where your guests can make s'mores using our personalized chocolate bar wrapper - Divorce is S’more Better Than I Ever Thought candy bars while singing the hit tune “Burn Baby Burn.” [Ash]

Like the funeral idea? They say divorce is like waking from a bad dream…so a wake is in order, no? Put out your wedding ring coffin with lots of votive candles, black tablecloths and napkins, and let your friends pay their respects. Lead a “choir” of your friends in the songs listed below.

Want to let your friends know you’re on the market? Use Post-It® notes and business cards emblazoned with “For a good time, call…” and place them anywhere and everywhere throughout the party - on mirrors, under dinner plates, even in your bathrooms. Or even better, give everyone a “fill in the blank” or Fish in the Sea profile they can write for you, read them out loud and give a prize for the best one!

Divorce Party Bars and Drinks
Let your guests choose from your favorite drinks and rename them if appropriate by putting a simple table tent at the “bar” or, better yet, use our Divorce Rocks labels for wine and beer. Here’s the Top Ten I would stock at my bar:

  • Divorce Rocks Come Hell or High Water
  • Knot Ever Again Ale [Divorce Rocks Brewery] (beer labels available from Party411)
  • Splitsville Sauvignon [Divorce Rocks Winery] (wine labels available from Party411)
  • Gin & Toxic
  • Bum & Coke
  • Cheater Margariter
  • He/She Should Die and Go to Hell Sour
  • Divorce-tini
  • Dissolution Diet Coke
  • On the Rocks Root beer

Divorce Party Entertainment and Games
Hot Lips Pinata How about getting out some aggressions at this party? Start with a clown piñata that may or may not look like your ex! Fill it with an assortment of candy (Hershey's kisses, perhaps). Be sure to get a piñata blindfold and bat set and have at it! Whoever is getting a divorce or whoever has already gotten divorced should have first crack at it. Depending on your crowd, you might want more than one piñata! Now, doesn't that feel better?

Since divorce rocks, and there are many songs to prove it, have your friends join you in a sing-along of your Top 10 break up songs, like…


  • Heartless - Kanye West
  • So What - Pink
  • Survivor - Destiny’s Child
  • Cry Me a River - Justin Timberlake
  • 50 Ways to Leave Your Lover - Paul Simon
  • Breaking Up is Hard to Do - Neil Sedaka
  • I Will Survive - Gloria Gaynor
  • I Shall Be Released - Bette Midler
  • D-I-V-O-R-C-E - Tammy Wynette

or for a more complete list go to or One word to the wise, if the Jennifer Hudson version of And, I am Telling You I’m Not Going from Dream Girls is more demonstrative of how you’re feeling, belt it out before your guests arrive not after.

Divorce Party Favors
Choose from any of the favors below, or why not let us make you a Divorce Rocks CD of the songs above for you to give to each of your friends?


No matter what you do at this party, remember that DIVORCE ROCKS and that this is a party to end all parties (parties, in this case, referring to the party of the first part [you, the better half] and the party of the second part [your worse half]).