Bloody Halloween Party Ideas

Throw a bloody banquet party your guests will never forget! This horrifying Halloween theme will leave your guests bloody... with excitement.  Choose bloody invites, decorations and favors that will leave them thirsty for more!

Bloody Banquet Halloween Invitations
This spooky bloody banquet theme invitation is perfect for this adult Halloween themed party! There is also a large selection of Halloween invitations to choose from, so go with whatever strikes your fancy.

Stick with the bloody theme when making your own invite or including add-ons:
  • Buy some first aid gauze and splatter it with red paint. Let it dry completely and wrap your invites in the gauze.
  • A handful of red confetti is a nice surprise when guests open up their invite!
  • For a diy invite, dip your hand in red paint and put a handstamp on a piece of white cardstock.  Add your party details on each finger in black marker.
  • You can also mail your invitation in a box with some black paper shreddz and a fake bloody finger. Tie a white string around the finger and attach a tag the reads "Don't forget to RSVP".
Choose some bloody wording for your party invite.  One of these should be perfect:

You're invited for a bloody good time
At the Harrison's Bloody Banquet!

Eat, Drink, and Be Bloody
At the annual Bloody Banquet

Blood Donors Needed
At Justin and Sara's Bloody Banquet

These invites might make your guests' blood run cold, but they'll be sure to rsvp with a yes!

bloody Halloween Decorations and Party Supplies
Start by welcoming your guests with bloody decorations around your entryway. Hang a bloody banquet theme banner over the entrance, and hang strips of fake bloody gauze on either side of the doorway.
Add a few of these bloody ideas to your sign-in area:
  • A blood red carpet leading to the entrance is a nice touch for a bloody banquet.
  • If you are having a party where many people will not know each other, purchase some of those "Hello my name is" tags for guests to fill out. Add a line for their blood type and next of kin, just in case something happens to them at the party :)
  • Order white balloon bouquets to set near the entrance, and add "bloody" red handprints to each balloon.  (Use red poster paint!)
  • A dracula cutout of the host is perfect for a bloody Halloween party!  Add a speech bubble that says, "I want to suck your blood!"
When decorating your party space, start with background decorations and then add some great props to take it over the top. Here are a few that we think are perfect for setting your bloody stage -
  • Hang ripped white sheets and add "bloody" handprints and spatter (use red paint). 
  • Add more bloody handprints to mirrors and windows along with phrases like "Keep out!" and "Help us!"
  • Red pillar candles look like dripping blood once they start to melt.  Put them all over your party space!
  • Turn the bathroom into a gory scene with a blood spattered shower curtain, bathmat, and mirror.  You can even use red paint to make bloody hand towels.  Replace lighting with red bulbs for a suprisingly horrifying bathroom!

Now that you have the basic decorations taken care of, you can start to add in some gory props to really take the party to the next level -

  • A garland of fake bloody weapons will scare the pants off your guests!
  • Bowls of bloody fingers, hands and other body parts add that extra touch of gore guests expect at Halloween.
  • Add a bloody mannequin to the tub or shower.
  • Of course, you'll want to decorate your guests!  Have a makeup table where guests can add fake blood and wounds to their costumes.
So now that the rooms are perfectly frightful, it's time to move on to setting out the repugnant buffet...

Bloody Banquet Table Decorations and Menu
Decorate your buffet and tables like a grisly butcher shop.  Use these gory ideas to get you started:
  • Splatter a white tablecloths with red paint and put one on each table.   
  • Fill clear vases with red water and add body parts - hands, fingers, eyeballs, oh my!
  • White pillar candles dripped with red wax make a classy centerpiece that fits the theme.
  • Now just scatter a few plastic body parts around and everyone will get the idea.
For dinner serve a variety of meat such as pulled pork, sausage and beef brisket. Let everyone wonder what it really is!
A bloody banquet theme is a great opportunity for some perfectly bloody drinks. Make sure your bar has all sorts of bloody options:
  • Serve classic bloody mixed drinks, like bloody marys and red apple martinis!
  • Serve blood red punch in a tiered drink fountain! Serve on a table with a blood red tablecloth and red spotlighting. Creepy!
  • Red wine is a given at a bloody banquet!  Wrap your bottles in these bloody banquet wine bottle labels to match your theme.
  • Of course, guests will need water in between all that blood!  Have water on hand with bloody banquet water bottle labels for guests to grab.
  • Serve red jello shots in oral syringes or red mixed drinks in iv bags!
It's a shocking spread, everyone will agree!

Bloody Banquet Party Games

There are a few bloody good party activities you'll want to have at your bloody banquet:

  • Start with a costume contest! Award prizes to the Best Bloody Couple, Best Bloody Bloke, and Bloodiest Babe. 
  • Movie screenings of gory Halloween films will be a hit! Think Carrie, Freddie vs Jason, The Shining, and Scream.  Anything with plenty of blood.
  • Set up a bloody photobooth! Use a white sheet splatted with red paint blood as a background, and add a bucketful of halloween photo booth props so guests can get creative.

Or choose from our list of great Halloween Party Games.

Bloody Banquet Party Favors
Give your guests a bloody good party favor!  Set up a bloody theme candy buffet to die for:

With a little help from Party411, everyone will have such a bloody good time at your Halloween party!