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New Halloween Themes

Keep on top of the trends with new Halloween party themes that will surprise your guests!  Here are a few new themes that will appeal to guests of all ages.
You can't go wrong with these themes mixed with the best Halloween party supplies around. We even added a few handpicked and frighteningly fun decorations we recommend to go with them.
zombie apocalypse
Invite your friends to a terrifying Halloween party perfect for the undead! They'll be "infected" with fun once they receive your invitation, so make sure to turn your party space into a quarantine zone with the perfect party decorations.
  • Warn your guests before they enter with gory door decorations. Wrap your front door in caution tape and add a "Keep Out" sign. Give your entrance an eerie glow with green outdoor lighting.
  • Make your home look like there’s been a zombie attack with blood spattered walls and floors. Spatter red poster paint on wax paper and hang the sheets on windows and walls.
  • Don't forget an elaborate corpse buffet! Lay out a t-shirt, flannel, pants and shoes on your buffet and fill it with trays of ribs, chicken wings, hotdogs and hamburgers, and pulled pork. Add a zombie mask and skeleton hands holding tongs coming out of the sleeves for a Corpse Buffet.
  • Send guests home with a Zombie Survival Kit. Bandaids, energy bars, zombie vaccine (tic tacs) make a fun themed favor.
mad scientist
Throw a Halloween party that’s “alive” with guests and fun, choose a mad scientist theme. You’re guaranteed to have a Halloween bash that’s crawling with mad scientists and lab engineered monsters, not to mention kids and adults who are having a great time!
  • Create a perfect creepy lab for your party space! Line a table with beakers, graduated cylinders, and test tubes. Fill with colored water and dry ice to make everything bubble.
  • Don't forget to dress up your guests, too! Hang white lab coats on a rack near theentrance, and guests can transform themselves into mad scientists as they walk in.  
  • Keep your centerpieces simple! Place a Electrostatic Ball in the center of each table.  It fits the mad scientist theme and will keep guests entertained.
  • Favor bags filled with chocolate eyeballs and brain gummies are perfect for young mad scientists!

halloween vampire
Let Party411 help you re-"vamp" your party and bring your annual Halloween celebration back from the dead. We have invite, decoration, and favor ideas to die for! MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

  • Give your invite a lux Dracula touch! Add black velvet ribbon, a red wax seal, and use parchment envelopes. Vampires are classy monsters after all!
  • Make sure to hang warning signs outside your party space that say "HIGH RISK AREA" and to "ENTER IF YOU DARE” and “VAMPIRES HAUNT HERE”.
  • Set up a show-stopping coffin scene with a Dracula resting inside.  You could even enlist a friend to play Dracula - have him surprise guests as they walk by -  have "Dracula" open his eyes and bare his fangs!
  • Centerpieces of black and red roses match the theme perfectly.  Mix in candles to make your tables glow!
  • Choose an over-the-top favor like a Vampire Slayer's Kit!  Fill a box or favor bag with a mirror, garlic, cross, and a vial of "holy water" so guests can protect themselves at your undead bash and when they head home.

vintage halloween
Give your Halloween party a classy touch with a vintage theme!  There's plenty of steampunk style Halloween decorations that will turn your party into a sophisticated soiree.

  • Decorate with antique style candelabras and add a fog machine for an eerie feel.
  • Scatter skulls around your party space and add top hats, monocles and bow ties for a whimsical touch.
  • Jars filled with sticky eyeballs, fake brains and bones are a nice touch.  Add vintage style labels to tie in the theme.
  • Animal skeletons and even taxidermy make a perfect decoration for a vintage Halloween party!
  • Make sure to have a few signature Halloween cocktails for your sophisticated guests.
halloween sleepover
Host a spooky sleepover party your kids will never forget!  Choose party decorations that are perfect for an overnight event.
  • Hand out plenty of glow accessories! Bracelets, necklaces, and even glasses are a fun wearable once the lights go out.
  • Get the kids involved by having them make their own Halloween desserts.  Start with cupcake decorating and make-your-own dirt cups (chocolate pudding, oreos, and gummy worms).
  • Make sure to have plenty of kid-friendly activities: pumpkin decorating, Halloween karaoke, horror film screenings, and a costume contest are all great options.
  • Before heading to bed, have a bonfire - it's a perfect time for ghost stories and s'mores!

Have fun planning your next Halloween party with new themes from Party411!