Sexy Halloween Party Costumes and Ideas

Sexy Halloween Party Ideas and Costumes

A fun theme for an adult Halloween party is SEXY! Nothing is more fun than a sexy dress party, and Halloween is the best time to show off the goods! :)


sexy Halloween Invitations
We have a large selection of Halloween invitations to choose from! Here are our favorites for this theme -
Make sure to send the invites out as early as possible. Your guests should have plenty of time to choose their costumes.

You can stick to a general "sexy costume" theme, or you can be more specific and ask everyone to dress to a theme. Here are a few from my college party days:


  • Seven Deadly Sins - Lust, Greed, Gluttony, Pride, Sloth, Wrath, and Envy are the seven deadly themes your guests can dress up as for this party. People really get creative with this one.
  • Crossdress Party - Guys as girls and girls as guys. Great opportunity for a sexy Ghostbuster, or a hula man!
  • ABC Party - Anything But Clothes. You can wear aluminum foil, duct tape, boxes, anything but clothes!
  • Toga Party - Classic, fun, and the costumes are inexpensive.
  • Pimps and Hos - Don't try this if you have a group that is easily offended :) There are many variations on this, CEO's and Office Hos, Golf Pros & Tennis Hos... you get the idea
  • Vicars and Tarts
  • Cops and Robbers
  • Cowboys & Indians
  • Angels & Devils
  • Pirates and Wenches - Check out our pirate Halloween party for ideas if you choose this theme.
Don't forget to mention on the invite it's "Sexy Costumes Required" and if there is a more specific theme. Also, if you are having a costume contest mention that too. The promise of a competition and prizes will bring our everyone's creativity!

sexy Halloween Decorations and Party Supplies

The most important (and the most interesting) decorations are your guests. As then come into the party, great them with a custom Halloween party banner.
You should direct them to an area where they can get their pictures taken in their costumes. Here are some tips for setting up a photo op area -
  • Provide the perfect backdrop. Scene setters are the way to go. I love the graveyard... very spooky.
  • Test the lighting. Before the party take a few test shots to make sure they come out great!
  • Set out "props". Use a basket where people can grab hats, boas, masks and more. Do a few fun things like a light up extentions, funny noses, or a fake mustache. The unexpected things will make memorable photos!
You can use your own tastes to decorate the party room. I would stay away from anything too cutesy or gory. When I think "sexy" I visualize things that are eye catching.
  • spooky Silhouettes - Hang from the ceiling of the party room for a huge impact, or put in windows. East to make from black construction paper or similar
  • Plastic Spiders as Confetti - Perfect on the tables
  • Lace Tablecover - Sexy and spooky tablecloth for the buffet or bar

halloween Table Decorations and Menu


I would use nice disposable paper goods for your buffet. I love these black and orange paper goods for this party... look at that sexy smile! You should at least pick up the cocktail napkins!
Since this a sexy party, serve foods that are known the be aphrodisiacs.
Supplement with your favorite party recipes and the buffet is sure to be a hit!

halloween Party Games

 No Sexy Halloween party is complete without a costume contest! Let your guests know that there will be a contest on the invite and prepared to be wowed. 
Come up with lots of crazy categories for prizes so you can award your guests with wacky and fun things. Some ideas:
  • Sexiest Costume
  • Best Duo/Group
  • Most Cliché 
  • Best Use of Glitter
  • Hardest Costume to Figure Out
  • Costume Most Likely to Get You Arrested
  • Cheapest Costume
Give the costume trophy to the winner of Sexiest Costume.
Karaoke is another great activity for a Halloween party. Buy, rent or borrow a karaoke machine and serve a up a list of spooky songs for your guests to sing -
  • Love Potion #9 – The Clovers
  • Witchy Woman – The Eagles
  • Black Magic Woman – Santana
  • Superstition – Stevie Wonder
  • Devil with a Blue Dress On – Mitch Ryder
  • I Put a Spell on You - Screamin’ Jay Hawkins
  • Lil’ Red Riding Hood – Sam the Sham and the Pharaohs
  • Thriller – Michael Jackson
  • Monster Mash - Bobby Boris Pickett
  • Purple People Eater – Sheb Wooley
I think having a movie screening is a great idea.  Here are a few of my favorites that go great with the sexy vibe -
  • Hollywood Chainsaw Hookers - Ok, the movie is horrible. But you'll have fun watching it!
  • Dressed to Kill - Sexy and scary!
  • Interview with the Vampire - Dracula's got nothing on Brad and Tom.
  • The Craft - School uniforms and a spell that can control the hottest boy in school.
  • The Addams Family - Morticia and Gomez are a sexy couple in love
  • Lost Boys - Kiefer Sutherland at his sexiest!

Or choose from our list of great Halloween Party Games.

sexy Halloween Costumes
The perfect Sexy Halloween party is not complete without the perfect Sexy Halloween costumes. As a host you should have a fantastic costume that matches the theme. Here are a few favorites -

Too bad you won't be qualified to win your own costume contest, you would be a shoe in!

halloween Party Favors
Candy is the standard Halloween treat, you can take it to the next level with a personal touch -

  • Set up a candy buffet and have guest take home their favorite treats in a Custom Sexy Witch Favor Bag.
  • Wax lips with a favor tag that reads "We could kiss you for coming! Thanks celebrating Halloween with us."
  • A small frame with a picture of your guests from the photo op at the beginning of the party

Everyone will have such a horrifyingly good time at your Halloween party they will be speculating about next year on the ride home!