Solid Color Tableware

Decorate your table with this matching solid color tableware. The tableware will match and work any of our themes.

Lavender Dinner Plates (24)

Set out dinner on lavender

Price $2.99

Lavender Dessert Plates (50)

Perfect lavender plates

Price $5.99

Lavender Dessert Plates (24)

24 lavender dessert plates

Price $2.99

Lavender Lunch Napkins (50)

Perfect for lunch!

Price $2.99

Lavender Big Party Pack - Lunch Napkins (125)

Lavender lunch napkins

Price $6.99

Lavender Beverage Napkins (50)

50 cocktail size lavender napkins

Price $1.99

Lavender Big Party Pack - Beverage Napkins (125)

Lavender party beverage napkins

Price $4.99

Lavender 9 oz. Cups (24)

24 lovely lavender cups

Price $3.99