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Not So Scary Halloween Ideas for Kids

I'm convinced that part of the reason why people have kids is so they can dress them up in adorable Halloween costumes. There is nothing cuter than a little dinosaur, pumpkin or princess running around covered in chocolate.

Having a Kids' Halloween party is a great way to get use out of that cute costume and show off your cutie to all of your friends! The kids will love all the yummy candy, snacks, decorations and games. This Halloween party is all about fun - nothing scary here - and works for kids of all ages. Don't forget your camera!

Be sure to pick a great Halloween costume for your little host or hostess!

Kids Halloween Party Invitations
Start with a great personalized Halloween invitation from Party411. I like the pumpkin or the candy corn invitation for this party. You'll want to let the parents know that the kids should dress up, of course. If the kids are little and the parents are staying at the party, you should let them know they don't need to dress up! (They'll appreciate that.) Try this for wording:

No Tricks. Just Treats.
Come get something good to eat!

Sam’s Halloween Bash
Sunday, October 29 - 11:00am for lunch and sweets

Be our "Ghost" - BOO by October 20

Please bring your parents too
(They don’t need to get dressed up)

Get the kids involved: If your "host" for this party is an older child, then let them work on the invitations! Print out all the details on orange paper and let them decorate the invitation with markers, stickers and glitter.

Kids Halloween Party Decorations and Party Supplies
Look for the cutest Halloween decorations you can find and you're all set. Remember - no tricks, just treats! Put out a few cute jack o'lanterns or decorated pumpkins along the entry to the party.

I love that there are so many wonderful, inexpensive decorations for Halloween. A Halloween fun scene setter (that's really not scary) is huge and only costs $8. It's perfect for decorating a wall or entry, and so great for photo ops. You can't beat that! Here are some other great, inexpensive and fun decorations that work well for a kids party:

  • Pumpkins - of course! You can find them everywhere this time of year. Plus, getting pumpkins is a great family outing.
  • Halloween balloons - have bouquets of balloons all around the party. The kids will take them home, so there won't be any clean up needed!

Get the kids involved: Ask the kids to help with your decorations! There are great Halloween crafts available that you can find at a local craft store. Or, pull out some black and orange construction paper and let them cut out pumpkins or draw signs to hang.

Halloween Kids Party Table Decorations and Party Menu
Choose a fun theme with your paper goods. The Halloween paper goods have a fun mix of Halloween theme characters and is perfect for kids.

Choose a fun centerpiece for your tables. A great option is to use real pumpkins on your tables. Get an assortment of sizes and set them in the center of the table. You can carve them if you like, glitter them or leave them plain. Scatter a bit of candy corn around to match your invitations and for the kids to snack on at the party.

Need ideas for kids Halloween party food? Think fun and easy with your menu! Pizza and chicken fingers are easy and very kid friendly. Have juice boxes available and water and soda for the adults. You can add some fun decorations to your food table.

You'll have a great time with dessert. You can certainly go to any grocery store and find Halloween themed desserts. You can also make dessert yourself. The good news is that the kids won't see any flaws in your baking. They are a great audience for dessert!

Decorate cupcakes for Halloween.  Have an assortment of cookies, brownies and candy for the kids to choose from. This holiday was made for sweets, so go all out! Pretzel rods dipped in white chocolate can look like mummy fingers that the kids will love.

Get the kids involved: Kids love to bake. So, let them help make some yummy desserts for the party. Too much? Let them help decorate cookies or cupcakes for the party. Get candy corn, M&Ms, frosting and sprinkles and let them decorate. Even toddlers can put M&Ms on cupcakes! Be sure to get extra - you're bound to "lose" a few to your child's stomach...and yours too!

This is also a great activity to host at the party. Set out a table with frosted cupcakes, candy and sprinkles and let each child decorate their own Halloween masterpiece at the party. You might want to have a few extra napkins on hand!

Kids Halloween Party Activities
If your party is at home, then you probably already have most of the activity you need with toys! But, you might want a few fun Halloween activities planned as well.

You'll still want to offer a few fun Halloween activities. Pumpkin carving might be a bit messy for this group. How about a Halloween piñata? Less messy, but still great fun. Be sure to fill it with plenty of wrapped candy and small toys.

Or, try a Halloween hunt around the house or party - like an Easter Egg hunt, but for candy. Start with Halloween pumpkin candy buckets for all of the kids and scatter candy around the party.  The kids will have a blast.

Arts and crafts are always a great option for a kids party. Buy an assortment of foam pumpkins from a local craft store or get real pumpkins (make sure to get the mini ones) from a local grocery store or pumpkin patch. Put out stickers, pens, pom poms, glitter, glue, etc and let the kids decorate their own pumpkin. Choose supplies based on the ages of the kids. Paint is great for older kids, but you may want to use stickers and washable markers for younger kids. This is another place to have some wipes on hand to keep everyone clean. Let the kids get creative!

We also have a great selection of Halloween party games for you to choose from for your Halloween party. The kids will love being in costume and having a variety of activities and games to play during the party.

Halloween Party Favors
Well, you know our favorite. Personalized candy bar wrappers! Everybody likes candy on Halloween! Another fun idea is to let the kids go Trick or Treating for their favors. Set out small favors in baskets and bowls around the party. Give each child an empty candy corn theme party favor bag that matches your invitations or have them use one of the pails from their candy hunt and let them choose their own favors. Here are some ideas of favors to have out:

Have a great Halloween. We know your kid will be the cutest one at your party, but you should still pretend the other kids look great too!