Scary Skeleton Soiree

Bone up on this theme…because it’s easy and scary, too. Scary Skeleton Soiree theme invitations, decorations and menu ideas are frightfully fun, and you barely have to lift a “bony” hand!
scary skeleton Halloween Invitations
If you're hosting a Skeleton Soiree, set the tone for your event with a creepy invite!  Once your guests open the envelope, make sure they can't wait to attend - dressed up and scary.  
  • Use Personalized Skeleton Invitations to set the mood.
  • A personalized ticket invitation let guests know their invited to a bash from beyond the grave.
  • For a one of a kind invitation, write out your invite info on the back of a plastic skull and mail in a padded envelope. 
  • If most of your guests live close, try delivering your invites dressed as the grim reaper. You'll give them a good scare, and they'll love your dedication!
  • Add fun black or red confetti to each envelope for a fun surprise.
Don't forget to mail your invitations out 4-6 weeks in advance.  Halloween is a busy time of year for parties, so be sure your invitations aren't late.  Since this is a Halloween party, be sure to let your guests know if they should come in costume and if you're choosing a theme for all the costumes.  (You are, of course, having everyone in costume, right?)
scary skeleton Halloween Party Decorations and Supplies
There is a huge assortment of Halloween skeleton decorations to choose from for a skeleton theme party.  Start with a scary skeleton graveyard outside.  Tombstones with scattered bones and a few skeletons rising from the grave is an absolute must on Halloween.
Try a few of these other outside decorating ideas to make your house one of the spookiest on the block:
  • Hang a halloween tombstone skeleton banner above your entrance, and set up a medical skeleton just outside the door.  Pose his arms so he "welcomes" guests to your party.  Give him a costume to make it fun!
  • Skeleton vignettes are great fun and are sure to give your guests a laugh!  Set up skeletons getting a tan on a couple of lawn chairs, taking a bath in a metal tub, sitting around a bonfire, or even breaking into the upstairs windows! 
  • To fit the theme, carve skull faces into white gourds, and add a fog machine to give your guests the creeps as they arrive!

Turn your whole party space into a creepy skeleton hangout. Skeletons and skulls are your top choice for a Skeleton Soiree Halloween Bash!  Start with these indoor decorating ideas:

  • Wrap skulls and bones in spider webbing and hang from chandeliers, doorways and more!
  • Carry your skeleton vignettes indoors.  Have a skeleton washing the dishes, reading the paper, or even changing a light bulb.  What a surprise!
  • Line skulls on bookselves, mantels, and side tables.  Add spider webbing and fake plastic chains.

Whatever you decide, make sure to set the tone with fog machines and black lights to make everything glow!

Skeleton theme Table Decorations
Food and drinks are always a focal point at any party, so be sure to make your table extra spooky for your Skeleton Soiree! Stick with a black and white color scheme, and add touches of red for fun. Start with these decorating tips:
  • Fill tall hurricane vases with skulls, bones and webbing for a no-hassle centerpiece.
  • Tall candelabras make a dramatic statement.  Instead of candles, use skulls instead.  Add red lighting in their eye sockets for a creepy touch!
  • Scatter black votive candles across the tables.
  • Put a personalized skeleton tombstone candy bar at each place as a final touch to your scary spread.

You'll want to have a fantastic bar at a Halloween party geared towards adults.

  • Have a skeleton bartender (along with a real one)! Pose a medical skeleton behind the bar and add an apron and coctail shaker.
  • platic skulls with the top cut off make an interesting glass for drinks!
  • Add a halloween tombstone beer bottle label to tie your whole party together.

Don't forget to choose a "signature drink" like a skulltini. 

2 ozs whiskey
2 ozs schnapps
2 ozs cranberry juice
Mix together in a cocktail shaker and enjoy in a red martini glass.
Of course, you'll need to send guests home with a little something to remember your Scary Skeleton Soiree!
halloween skeleton Party Favors
Your guests are going to have a fantastic time at your skeleton soiree.  Give them something to say thank you and get them excited about next year's party!
  • Candy is an obvious Halloween party favor! Make it special by handing out personalized halloween tombstone mint tins or lollipops.  Customize with your own special message.
  • Hand out halloween tombstone favor bags which guests can fill with goodies from your candy buffet!  Fill bowls and jars with red, white and black candy to fit the color scheme. 
  • A bag of white chocolate covered pretzels would be a hit! Add a tag that says "Skeleton Bones!"

Your guests are sure to give you a "hand" for throwing a fantastic skeleton theme Halloween party.