Scary Skeleton Soiree

Bone up on this theme…because it’s easy and scary, too. Just Add Guests™ and this Scary Skeleton Soirée will be like none other. Skeleton paper goods, decorations, and party supplies are frightfully fun, and you barely have to lift a “bony” hand!
scary skeleton Halloween Invitations
Here are some fun Halloween invitation ideas:
Don't forget to mail your invitations out 4-6 weeks in advance of your party.  Halloween is a busy time of year for parties so be sure your invitations aren't late.  Since this is a Halloween party, be sure to let your guests know if they should come in costume and if you're choosing a theme for all the costumes.  (You are, of course, having everyone in costume, right?)
scary skeleton Halloween Party Decorations and Party Supplies
There is a huge assortment of Halloween skeleton decorations to choose from for a skeleton theme party.  Start your decorations outside beginning with an assortment of carved pumpkins!  It's a must on Halloween.  We'd also add some fog by using a small fog machine to add a bit of a spooky feel to the party.  Here are some other outside decorating ideas:
Don't forget great spooky decorations once you are inside as well! Skeletons and skulls are your top choice for a skeleton soiree Halloween bash!  Here are some decorating ideas for inside:
  • Place a Catacombs Skull Scene using Sticky Tack on your walls.
  • From the ceiling and door frames hang skulls for an eerie feel around your party space.
  • Light up Skeleton Balloons (awesome!) make balloon bouquets to place throughout the room! Tie off with black ribbon and use a skull as a balloon weight.
Skeleton theme Table Decorations
Food and drinks are always a focal point at any party, so be sure to make your table extra spooky for this Halloween party. Stick with a black and white color scheme and add touches of red for fun.  Here are some tips for decorating your table.
You'll want to have a fantastic bar at a Halloween party geared towards adults.

Choose a "signature drink" like a skulltini. 

2 ozs whiskey
2 ozs schnapps
2 ozs cranberry juice
mix together in a cocktail shaker and enjoy in a red martini glass.
halloween skeleton Party Favors
Your guests are going to have a fantastic time at your skeleton soiree.  Don't forget to send them home with a fun favor from your Halloween bash.
Your guests are sure to give you a "hand" for throwing a fantastic skeleton theme Halloween party.