Custom lifesize cutoutLife Size Cutouts and Photo Cutouts

These foamcore life size cutouts are perfect for parties, displays, birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, special events and corporate events (think sales meetings). Sometimes called stand ups or standees these cutouts are a great addition to any party.

  • Personalized with your picture or caricature. We can match any skin tone.
  • High quality construction using foam core rather than cardboard. Our cutouts are on 3/16” thick foam core and are all hand cut. Special packaging to protect your cutout during shipping. Production time is only 5 business days and rush options are available.
  • Lifesize cutouts are $117.95.  The heights of our cutouts are approximately 72” for adult males and 66" - 68" for adult females.  Kids range from 36”-62” depending on age.
Photo Ops - Our lifesize cutouts are a fantastic way to celebrate a person with a themed cutout.  If you're looking for the chance to let others in the action, think about a photo op that has a face cut out and a full background.  Your guests get to stand behind and be part of the art!
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Tips for Sending Your Photo
When we insert your photo into the cut-out, we have to enlarge it so the face fits the cut-out in the correct proportion. To ensure you get the best quality, please follow these tips for submitting your photo:
  1. Try to find a head-shot photo (from the shoulders up).
  2. Make sure it is a sharp, focused, close-up image (like a professional photographer would take for passport, school or graduation photos).
  3. The lighter the background, the better.
  4. The less cluttered the background, the better (i.e., no trees, flowers, other people, furniture, etc.)
  5. If you're mailing a photo, the larger the better (up to 8x10). If sending a .jpg, the file should be 500K or larger and at least 150 dpi (300 dpi is preferred).