Office Halloween Themes and Ideas.

Office Halloween Theme and Decoration Ideas

Need to compete this Halloween for the department with the best décor? Having an office Halloween party and need simple and fun decorations? Here are our favorites this year for the break room, meeting room and cubicles!
  • Custom Halloween Banner - Personalize this banner with your own wording. If you do something like "XYZ's Annual Halloween Bash" you can use it again next year!
  • Halloween Ceiling Swirls - These are inexpensive and really do a lot for a plain room. Be forewarned, they do take some time to hang up... we have used them in our office parties before.
  • Halloween Scene Setters - The best Bang for your buck. All you need is tape/sticky tack and a blank wall. Also a good backdrop for taking group pictures.
  • Balloons - The easiest and most effective decoration for any plain room.
  • Refrigerator Door Cover - perfect for the break room!
  • Halloween Party Supplies - An easy way to decorate, there are great designs this year for paper plates and matching everything!
  • Halloween Photo Ops - A fun way to give every one a souvenir of the party
However, if you want to win the “Best Halloween Decorations” award for your department, why not do something interactive—like these:

This works really well and is pretty easy to pull off. From The Exorcist to the Jason movies and more, there are so many to choose from or glam them all together, and you’ve got one easy theme. Here is a list of fearful films that will help you with the planning. You might want to make this list available to everyone who is trying to think of a costume! (There are great Horror film costumes that people might want to choose from.)

Using movie posters and assigning roles to your different staff members is a good start if you decide to highlight a group of films. You can also assign different movies to different departments (or let each department choose their own horror film) and let them dress as a group. Or pick one film and stick with it for everyone. Imagine 20 Freddy’s from Nightmare on Elm Street greeting people as they walk thru!

Here are some "fun" Creepy Things to Surprise, Shock and Amaze that you can use to help decorate the office and add to the horror film feel of your party.  Don't forget the fog machine near a graveyard.

This can be the interactive—and the greatest fun. As everyone passes through, give them clues and let them figure out who done it! Either use a Murder Mystery game or write it yourself and then decorate around it.

Clue, the board game, is a great theme because everyone has played it and most have seen the film. Dress someone as the butler, another as the maid, someone can be Professor Plum—so on and so forth. An interactive theme is always popular and unforgettable.  Here are some other fun Murder Mystery party tips.

For a fun favor, give everyone a mustache or a Sherlock Holmes hat. (There is a Sherlock Holmes costume that work well for the host or hostess of this party.)






The movie is a hit. Chocolate is a hit. Candy is a hit. What more is there? Decorate your space just like the film, and dress up as the different kids and their parents. Give out personalized chocolate bars (we have the best!) with one having a golden ticket good for…something fun…you decide.

A few Oompa Loompa cutouts welcoming everyone would be a big hit and make for a great photo op. They can be standing next to a buffet overflowing with chocolates and other Halloween candies.

This is a great theme that everyone will immediately get and totally appreciate, especially if you give out a (sweet) favor of some sort. Get ready to be voted the most popular of all the other departments.

Invite your co-workers to come to Hallopalooza 2011 - A Dead Rock Star Party! I don’t need to name them, but Elvis, Jim Morrison, Johnny Cash, Janis, Jerry Garcia, Lisa “Left Eye” Lopez, Luther Vandross, Ricky Nelson, Frank Zappa, Mama Cass, Karen Carpenter and others. Everyone will have a blast dressing as their favorite artist.

Check out our Dead Rock Star Party as a great theme for an office holiday party. Welcome guests with a cutout of the ghost of Elvis and decorate with plenty of skull and crossbones decorations. Heck, you might want to dress up as Elvis and greet everyone as "The King" as they arrive. This works especially well for the company president!

Once all the stars arrive, crank up the music from some of our favorite dead rock stars. (The theme lists a nice selection of songs.) Rent a karaoke machine and let everyone perform as the musician they are dressed up as for the party.

Halloween Lunch
No real traditional foods here but pumpkin cookies are always a nice touch. If you are feeling ambitious here are some fun ideas from the Food Network. You only have so much time so don’t waste it on clean up. Use some of these fun Halloween Paper Goods. They help create the mood and they're easy to get rid of after the festivities.

Try some of these ideas and for a few days afterwards you will have an eerily good time at work.