60s Hippie and Woodstock Theme Party Supplies

60s Hippie and WoodstockTheme party supplies and Woodstock party decorations. Let the Party Girl help you find hundreds of unique hippie party supplies. Your Woodstock theme party will be the best!

Groovy Hippie Accessories Kit

Send your guests back to the past at your 60s theme party with a far-out hippie accessories kit.  Pass these party favors around as family and friends arrive, or stick them in fun tie dye favor bags to take home.  Either way, your guests will quickly dress themselves with groovy hippie wearables and give a psychedelic feel to your 60s bash!

Your order includes:

  • (1) hippie headband
  • (1) pair round glasses
  • (1) pair plastic peace sign earrings
  • (1) plastic peace sign necklace

If your guests didn't arrive decked in throwback hippie garb, then wearables are a great way to make everyone feel like they're part of the party.  This groovy hippie accessories kit covers all the bases!

Price $8.99

Mini Tie Dye Lollipops (16)

A colorful and delicious favor for your guests!

Price $3.99

Feelin' Groovy Round Glasses

Feel groovy at your 60s theme party when you pass out these feelin' groovy round glasses!  They make great favors and are an easy way to decorate your guests as they step into psychedelic party space.  These hippie glasses would look far-out around a tie dye centerpiece, or you can even toss a pair into a tie dye favor bag for guests to grab when they leave!

  • Includes (1) pair of hippie round glasses with metal frames.
  • Color of lenses vary for each pair of glasses.

Don't stop with these feelin' groovy round glasses!  Find all sorts of fun favors and wearables at Party411.com.

Price $4.99

Hippie Tie Dye Invitation

Groovy party? Groovy Invitation!

Price $1.85

Hippie Tie Dye Theme Banner

If you have a groovy party we've got the tie dye banner for you!

Price $24.99

Hippie Tie Dye Theme Photo Banner

Groovy 60s banner for your far out party!

Price $24.99

Hippie Tie Dye Photo Water Bottle Label

Add a photo to this hippie water bottle label

Price $1.20

Hippie Tie Dye Mint and Candy Tin

Even Hippies love mints

Price $2.40

Hippie Tie Dye Seating Card

Groovy party? Groovy seating cards!

Price $1.00

Hippie Tie Dye Sign In Board

A hip sign in board for a hippie theme party.

Price $64.95

Hippie Tie Dye Table Number

Let everyone know where their groovy seat is

Price $3.00

Hippie Tie Dye Welcome Sign

Welcome to our tie dye 60s event!

Price $64.95

Hippie Tie Dye Photo Candy Bar Wrapper

Picture yourself in the middle of this groove.

Price $1.35

Hippie Tie Dye Theme Candy Bar Wrapper

Pass out a groovy tie dye theme candy bar

Price $1.35