School Events Planning Guide

School events are really special, everyone remembers their first homecoming and the high school prom. It has to be special. We recommend you use one of our theme party ideas so that your party or school dance makes sense! 
the location
Picking a location is a really important first step.
  1. At the School – Inside. It can be less expensive and easier to manage. Don’t worry. We have some decorating ideas that will transform your gym/cafeteria into a very different place.
  2. Restaurant/Party Room. Does it fit your budget?  With bigger schools this is sometimes a must.  A historic building, museum or sporting complex is good idea here if the budget allows.
school event themes
We have written some unique themes to help with planning your school dance or party, just check out the prom themes page for kits that include everything you need to set the scene!  Want to go with a popular theme?  Try Hollywood, Broadway, Starry Night, or Under the Sea.  If you want to be a little more unique a Jungle theme, Paris in the Spring, a Jazz theme, 50s Rock Around the Clock, and Evening in the Orient.

We have a great collection of theme parties if you want more ideas! 

school event invitations
Once you have your theme, pick a fun invitation. You can buy invitations that match your theme or personalize your school event invitation
Here are some of our most unique invitations that work great for school events:
school event decorations
Party kits are the best! They give you all the info on what props, balloons, and other decorations to get to make your theme complete.  Depending on the size of the event you may need a couple kits or you may just want to get a party planner - they definitely make the whole ordeal much easier!  Many school events are actually put together by the parents, who form task teams to make the event much easier.
games & activities
Most proms have a dinner involved, homecoming starts with the football game.  Dancing at both is obviously a must!  Crowning king and queen for prom, welcoming the players, don't forget about the after party!  Check out our class reunion games page too!

school event party favors
All guests should go home with a remembrance of the celebration. You can make it simple and go with a wrapped candy bar or a personalized mint tin.  Or get personalized picture frames. Here are some of our most unique party favors: