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Every party benefits from a great table centerpiece, so why not personalize your party centerpiece? We have custom centerpieces for any occasion including some great holiday centerpieces.

  • High Quality - Our three-sided, 3D centerpieces are made from 3/16” thick foamcore.
  • Fun Graphics - Your graphic is on all 3 sides, so everyone at the table gets a view.
  • Caricature Options Available - Feature a caricature of the guest of honor and your party centerpiece will be a great conversation starter!

Centerpiece Tip: Make sure that your centerpieces are no higher than 14" or your guests will be bending in every way to talk with people across the table. If you need height, balloons with base ribbons can serve that purpose without interfering in conversation. You may have your florist design something with a Lucite dowel holding something high. No matter what you choose, avoid blocking your guests’ vision.

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