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Halloween House Party Ideas

I love this holiday! I get to play dress up. Be who I could never be before. Act out because I have a mask on my face. Do silly things. The only sad part is, as an adult...I can't "Trick or Treat." Bummer. I loved dumping that bag on the carpet and picking out the chocolate stuff. BUT, you can have a fantastic party for your family and friends. Use these fun Halloween house party ideas to "treat" your friends and family to a great time!

Halloween House Party Invitations
Start eh party off right with personalized Halloween invitations. For this theme we really like this spooky house invitation! Make sure you mention on the invite if the party is an open house, so guest know that they are free to come and go at any time during the party. If there is a costume contest or something similar, add that info to the invite as well.

Here is some fun wording for Halloween House Party Invitations:


  • Eat, Drink and Be Batty at the Henderson's Halloween House Party!
  • Calling all Witches, Goblins and Ghosts, the Millers are your Halloween Hosts!
  • Join us for a Spooktacular time!
  • Come hang out for a spell at the Stepic's Halloween House Party!
  • If you like a scare and are fond of fright, join us on Halloween night!
  • Fly or Float, just don't be tardy... to our Annual Halloween Costume Party
  • Scare up a costume and join us for a Halloween House Party

Here is an example:



Calling all Witches, Goblins and Ghosts,
the Millers are your Halloween House Party Hosts!

We'll be goblin' all sorts of goodies,
and you'd be outta your skull not to attend!
Saturday, October 29
Witch way to go?
974 Spooky Street
RSVP soon or we'll send the grim reaper!

You can sprinkle a little Halloween confetti in the envelope to dress it up!

What to wear - The Best Halloween Costumes



If you want to look great, take some time and look through our selection of thousands of costumes.  I know you want to have the coolest costume of all but keep in mind your duties will make it tough to wear certain costumes. Pick something that leaves your hands free and doesn’t limit your vision.


I know many people who go with a mask or wig or just make excellent use of some .

Remember your most effective decoration is yourself! Picking a fabulous costume is important.

Halloween Decorations and Party Supplies


A great Halloween house party demands great Halloween decorations and party supplies. Start by decorating the outside of your home.  Set up any number of great spooky Halloween scenes like a graveyard or a haunted pumpkin patch filled with scary jack 'o lanterns.  Here are some other decorations that look great outside and are a fun welcome to the party:


If you'd like to get the kids involved, let them help you make ghosts to hang from the trees. Get small white garbage bags and fill them with paper or leaves. Tie them off at the "neck" and add a sting to hang with - cute and easy. You can also get pumpkin theme garbage bags for all of your leaves. The kids will love this Halloween house party idea... and you'll get a clean yard out of the deal!

Also, greet guests with a lifesize cutout of you or a special friend dressed as a witch or mummy. (Or use the photo op and let them be the witch or mummy!)

As people enter, have a large canister of animal noses available for them to wear (just in case they didn't come in costume--I'm one of those). As well, you may want to give them a Halloween flashlight (less than a $1 apiece plus batteries) that has either a pumpkin or skull face. You can find these at any drug store.

Hang bats and spiders with webs on fishing wire from the ceiling at different levels in the entryway. A big blank wall is a good place to hang an inexpensive, but very cool scene setter.

Let's not forget the bathroom. Turn out the lights, fill the room with glow-in-the-dark insects, skeletons and skulls. Light the room with candles.

Halloween Table Decorations
Centerpieces can be as simple as carved pumpkins. Next to your real pumpkins, set out some cute glitter skeleton body parts.

One of our favorite crafty Halloween house party ideas: Fill 3 jars with water. Put cauliflower in one, cooked spaghetti in another (with red food coloring) and small onions in another. Label them brains, intestines and eyeballs. Yum.

You know I'm all about making life easier. So, use paper goods at your party. There are fabulous Halloween paper good designs available for Halloween. Whether you like giant pumpkins or witches and ghosts, the colors are fabulous and the graphics are too. Lots of patterns to choose from and each comes with matching cups, napkins, banners, vinyl window decorations, stickers, loot bags and more...so you can stay with your theme. 

Halloween Party Activities
No Halloween house party is complete without a costume contest! Let your guests know that there will be a contest on the invite and prepared to be wowed. Give a fun Halloween trophy to the winner.

Karaoke is another great activity for a house party. Buy, rent or borrow a karaoke machine and serve a up a list of spooky songs for your guests to sing -

  • Thriller – Michael Jackson
  • Don’t Fear the Reaper – Blue Oyster Cult
  • Superstition – Stevie Wonder
  • Love Potion #9 – The Clovers
  • Witchy Woman – The Eagles
  • I Put a Spell on You - Screamin’ Jay Hawkins
  • Lil’ Red Riding Hood – Sam the Sham and the Pharaohs
  • Monster Mash - Bobby Boris Pickett
  • Purple People Eater – Sheb Wooley
  • Dead Man’s Party – Oingo Boingo
  • Sympathy for the Devil - Rolling Stones
  • Black Magic Woman – Santana
  • Highway to Hell - AC/DC
  • Devil with a Blue Dress On – Mitch Ryder
  • Super Freak – Rick James

For the kids you can have a pumpkin decorating contests using pumpkin sticker decorations (and whatever else you provide). These kits are inexpensive and fun. For more ideas check out our Halloween games page.

Halloween Party Favors
No party is complete without party favors, especially not a Halloween party! Personalize your party and give your guests a personalized Halloween candy bar. Chocolate is a must.

Or fill a Trick or Treat bucket with Halloween candy for a sweet way to say thanks for coming!

For the kids you can fill Halloween party bags with candy, eyeball rings, Happy Halloween rubber bracelets and other small Halloween toys.

Have a great Halloween. Boo!