Thanksgiving Ideas. Thanksgiving activities for children and families. Thanksgiving party planning.

Thanksgiving Ideas and Activities

Thanksgiving fun! It starts with food is liberally sprinkled with football and thoroughly mixed with family traditions and activities. A simply wonderful day. Our Thanksgiving Party Planning Guide offers plenty of Thanksgiving ideas to make your Thanksgiving planning easier. Enjoy!
Thanksgiving Party Ideas and Themes
  • Family and Friends - Thanksgiving isn't only about the meal, so celebrate the people you are most thankful for
  • The Turkey Bowl - A super fun tradition that everyone will be thankful for
  • Very First Thanksgiving - A Thanksgiving theme that focuses on Indians, pilgrims and plentiful amounts of food
  • Day After Potluck - Thanksgiving may be for family, but the day after can be just as fun for friends (and a great way to get rid of leftovers!) - one of our favorite Thanksgiving ideas!
  • Thanksgiving Craft Party - Ideas for fun Thanksgiving crafts and how to work them in to your celebration
  • Easy Thanksgiving - A simple guide to decorating, lots of easy Thanksgiving ideas
thanksgiving party extras
Personalize Your thanksgiving
Give Your celebration the personal touch! Personalized Thanksgiving invitations are a wonderful way to set the mood for your dinner.  And our matching designs for party favors and decorations will carry the theme throughout the night.

Thanksgiving Decorations and Party Supplies
Make shopping for your Thanksgiving party decorations and party supplies much easier! We recommend hundreds of fun Turkey Day party supplies, decorations and party items.


  Thanksgiving activities and Crafts for Children
We have some fun Thanksgiving crafts for kids that we think you will enjoy.

Thanksgiving Party Favors
Your guests probably walked in with a hostess gift. So why not let them walk out with a great Thanksgiving party favor? There’s candy, loot bags, personalized water bottles and…..well the list just goes on. We suggest favors that work with your party theme and your budget.
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