About Us

About Us
Who created Party411.com™? The Party Girl, that's who, in April 1997. And who is she? Author, Humorist, Internet Entrepreneur, Professional Special Event Planner, Columnist, Talk Show Guest and Party Girl Sherri Foxman has been on the special event scene nationally and locally for more than 15 years. Currently, She is Founder and Chief Creative Officer of Party411.com.

Sherri's creativity, imagination and enthusiasm have long been a part of her professional career where she makes every corporate event, fundraiser, convention and personal party a memorable one for their hosts and guests. She is the author of two books, The J-FACTOR Male Jerk Counter and Classified Love: A Guide to the Personals and has two works in progress It Must Be Prozac: 8,000,000 Reasons Why Half the World is on Prozac and Dear Mom: Thanks for the Fat Cells.

Ms. Foxman has produced hundreds of special events from a Funeral for Casual Sex, the Safe Sex Cotillion, a Seinfeld Sein-Off Party, the Peak Mitzvah, in addition to more traditional conventions, corporate functions and fundraisers. Besides the local circuits, including those in 32 cities, Ms. Foxman has made multiple appearances on national network, cable and radio shows, such as MSNBC, the Today Show, CBS Morning News, Good Morning America, Jerry Springer, Sonya Live, Sally Jessy Raphael, Joan Rivers, Geraldo and All Things Considered, and has been profiled in many national publications such as Time, Women's World, Family Weekly, First For Women, Playboy, The Washington Post, US Magazine, USA Today and the Jerusalem Post.

At the same time, she has assisted non-profit, for-profit, political types, corporate types and just the average "Joe" in planning everything from birthday and anniversary parties, conventions and annual meetings, roasts and toasts for this politician and that, to off-the-wall type things (like a "Bark Mitzvah" for her puppy, Jasmine.)

If the Party Girl can't help you, who can? The Party Girl now works with a great team of Party Technicians, Marketing, Sales, Development and Technological queens and kings and other party-goers who contribute to the one big party called Party411.com. As the site continues to grow, so does our staff.

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