80's Halloween Horror Movie

What makes a better Halloween party theme than classic 80's horror movies? Your guests will be delighted (and scared silly) to be to see Freddy, Jason, Michael Myers, Chucky, Pinhead, Pumpkinhead, and even those creepy twins from The Shining. With hundreds of 80's horror movies to draw your inspiration from, this Halloween will be a horror blast from the past!

horror movie Halloween Invitations
We created an 80's Halloween Horror Movie Invitation that will scare the living daylights out of your guests (hopefully they will still RSVP!).

Mail or hand-out one of these terrifying add-ons with invite:

  • Jason's hockey mask (find them here!)
  • "It's" red balloon
  • Nails from Pinhead
  • Chucky's bloody (toy) dagger
You can always make your own horror movie invitation. Draw off of the movie. You can create a invitation to "Camp Crystal Lake", or send a sleep eyemask with a tag that invites guest to a "Nightmare Halloween Party". There is also a large selection of Halloween invitations to give you inspiration!

horror Halloween Party Decorations and Party Supplies
Decorations are important from beginning to end, in every part of the house. Start by welcoming your guests with some theme appropriate decorations

  • Hang an 80's Halloween Horror Movie Banner above your door that welcomes guests to your party. Personalize with a message like "Welcome to Camp Lake Crystal" or "You've arrived at Bates Motel (no vacancy)". 
  • Put a "Elm Street" street sign at the end of your driveway.  The nightmare is about to begin!
  • Silhouettes of Jason, Freddy, and It in your windows will give your guests a scare! Use red backlighting for a creepy glow.
  • Don't forget the jack o'lanterns! Bonus points if you carve one to look like a hockey mask!
  • Set up a photobooth area where guests can take photos with their favorite 80s monsters. Stack a bunch of scary halloween photo props nearby so friends can get creative!
Now that your guests are inside (did they make it that far?) show them a frightening time. When you decorate your space, start with some standard Halloween decorations and then add some great 80's horror movie props to tie the theme together. Here are a few that we think are perfectly terrifying:
  • Write "One, Two, Freddy's Coming for You" in red paint on any mirrors.  Add paint splatter as blood.
  • Put red balloon bouquets in the corners and add an "It" clown mask as a balloon weight.
  • Scatter bloody (toy) machetes, daggers, and axes in corners and as decoration on your buffet and bar.
  • Hang torn cheesecloth splattered with red paint and fake halloween chains all throughout your party space - on your mantle, along railings, and in doorways.
  • Give your party a spooky glow with blacklighting and candles, too!
  • If you really want to scare the bejeezus out of everyone go with a few gory props. Fake bloody body parts, sacks of eyeballs, and dismembered heads are a must!

So now that your space is perfectly frightful, it's time to move on to setting out the repugnant buffet...

80's horror Table Decorations and Menu
Don't forget to decorate your tables with gore and guts that will make your friends' stomachs turn.  Start by -

  • Spattering white plastic tablecloths with red poster paint for a gory table decoration.  Add piles of bloody body parts as a centerpiece for each table.
  • Don't forget your bar!  Have your bartender dress as an iconic horror film star (Freddy, Jason, Chucky or Pinhead would be perfect).  Have them pass out brews with personalized 80s theme beer bottle labels and waters with matching 80s horror movie water bottle labels.
  • On the buffet, label the food with body tags. Use your favorite movie characters to name your dishes, like Pinhead's anti pasta (served on silver food pick of course), or Pumpkinhead's Pumpkin Risotto. And might I add, buffalo chicken cheese dip does look a lot like Freddy Krueger's face...
  • During the film screening, serve boxes of movie theater candy and tubs of movie popcorn.  It is a movie-themed party after all!

It's a shocking spread, everyone will agree!

halloween Party activities and games
A horror film screening is a must at your 80s Halloween party! Whether you go current or classic, your guests will love a good scare! 

  • Dracula - with the great Bela Lugosi, classic
  • Halloween - the original slasher flick
  • Psycho - a great Hitchcock classic
  • The Addams Family - a fun and not too scary choice
  • The Nightmare on Elm Street - Freddy Krueger is the star in this 80's slicer-dicer
  • Texas Chainsaw Massacre - The original 1974 classic or the 2003 remake are both great
  • Scream - Part horror, part teen-flick and part comedy, but always a great scare
  • Saw - a gory Halloween tradition with several sequels

Make sure to have a terrifying Halloween costume contest.  Award prizes in these categories:

  • Scariest Costume
  • Best Movie Look-a-Like
  • Best Horror Couple
  • Most Likely to Get You Arrested

Or choose from our list of great Halloween Party Games.

halloween Party Favors
Send your guests home with a spooky souvenir from your 80s horror party. The perfect favor is a personalized 80s theme candy bar wrapper that matches your invitations!

Or choose one of these other tasty treats:

  • Halloween Mint and Candy Tins
  • Set up a candy buffet with bloody red M&Ms, licorice, red hots, and lollipops.  Add gummy eyeballs, brains and skulls.  Guests can fill a personalized halloween favor bag before heading home!
  • Since this is a movie-themed party, fill movie theater popcorn boxes with freshly popped kernels.  To each box add a "bloody" handprint (use red poster paint)!

Guests will never forget your 80s horror theme party. They'll be having nightmares about it until next year's party!