Housewarming Party Ideas

Buying a home is such a big event that it deserves a party!  Warm your house with friends, food, drinks, and these easy housewarming party ideas.
housewarming party Invitations
A really cute idea is to take a photo of the new house and send it out with the party info on the back of the picture.  Here at, we can make a custom caricature invitation of the new homeowner with the house in the background.  Party411 also has a cute Housewarming Party invitation, that can be easily customized!
We also have some great drivers license invites where you can put a picture of the home owner and the new address on them.  Photo ticket invitations work the same!
Housewarming Party Tip: Guests will want to see the new space and will inevitably ask for a tour. Designate someone as backup host so someone is answering the door and welcoming your guests while you show other around.

house warming Decorations and Party Supplies
The house is the main decoration right?  Depending on your organization level, boxes can be your decorations!  But really, not too much is needed to decorate a house warming just grab a personalized house warming banner, or a life size cutout of the host for your entrance and some candles for the tables and around the room. 
Here are a few more fun housewarming party ideas -
  • Feature the "Sold" sign from your real estate agent, or at least a picture of you with it!
  • Local maps make great decorations. Hang them on walls, wrap them around glass hurricane candle holders, use them as placemats... get creative!
  • If you’ve made renovations or update to your home, post a “before” picture outside each room.
  • Leave a guest book by the front door and encourage everyone to write you some homeownership wisdom.
  • Keys are another wonderful house theme decoration. Check the local antique store for skeleton keys to incorporate in your decore.
Having a theme party is also a good idea, check out these popular themes:
And we have a ton more!  See all of our Theme Party Ideas.
house warming party Table Decorations and Menu
 We know you have all kinds of new home things to do instead of dishes!  So grab some paper plates and napkins, perfect because they make for easy clean up. 
One of our favorite housewarming party ideas - use fortune cookies as a centerpiece! Scatter cookies on your table (they double as an ice breaker & dessert!) Add five helium balloons and voila! It’s inexpensive and great fun!
Finger foods are the best option since most of your guests will be moving around your new home checking it out. Here are some great finger food options:
housewarming games and Activities
Games aren't typical at housewarming parties because the activity involved in drinking, viewing the house & chatting usually occupies much time. BUT a house warming party is the perfect opportunity for a game night! A house isn't a home without friends and family and what better way to spend some time and get to know everyone a little better.
Check out your local game store, or Target and Walmart. Games that are easy to understand and need little set up time are the best of course!

housewarming Party Favors
Need a great gift idea or an unusual favor? Try a personalized housewarming water or housewarming beer bottle label!  Want something sweet?  Check out our customized Housewarming candy bar wrappers!
Capture your party from your guests’ point of view with specialized single-use cameras, now available in specialized theme designs. Leave one on each table and a basket by the door as people can drop them in as they leave! Think of the fun you’ll have when the pictures come back.
There’s nothing better than a party that glows! The #1 favorite party favor is glow jewelry. No matter what you are celebrating, we have glow necklaces, glow glasses (very popular), bracelets and more. Check it out!

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