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Boy's Birthday Party Ideas

Boys are so fun to plan parties for! I have two boys, and I love planning their birthdays. Even the little girls they invite from school really "dig" a Dinosaur Theme Party, and are "over the moon" for a Space Theme Party! So if you need some boys birthday party ideas you are at the right place.
Here are some great themes for your boy's birthday
boy's party themes
themes for Everyone
Super Mario Brothers Circus
Sports Lover Outer Space
Cowboy Yo Gabba Gabba!
Dinosaur Sesame Street
Firefighter Puppy Dog Party
Batman Monkey Madness
Pirate Adventure Harry Potter
You’ll have a party that your child knows was designed just for them and will make your life much easier. If you choose a theme stick with it as much as possible. You can use the following ideas to personalize your boys party and make it really special. Or if you want to throw a classic kids birthday party the following ideas will help you make it a birthday to remember!
 boys birthday party tips
Your party is sure to be great, but here a few tips to help with the planning.
  1. Talk to your child and see what they would like!  You may be surprised at all their great ideas.
  2. Parties for young children, under the age of 5 should be kept to an hour and a half.  For older kids, 2 hours is just fine. 
  3. Depending on the location, be aware of the number of children you are inviting.  A party hall can hold plenty of friends, but keep the numbers down to have a manageable party at home.
  4. You may not want to open presents at the party.  It's hard for kids to watch someone else get all the loot!

boys Birthday Invitations
Once you have your theme, you’re ready to choose an invitation. Of course, the invitation is one of your most important decisions, because it lets the guests know in advance what a great party you’re planning and what a great time they will have. Fill in invites that match your theme are always a safe bet. 
If you want to make your own invitations, use fun wording!
  • "Hooray, Hooray it's Shaun's Birthday!"
  • "It's time for cake, and time to play... it's time to celebrate William's Birthday!"
  • "It's Jimmy's Birthday, so please save the date. We'll have lunch and cake...It's going to be great! "
  • "Birthday candles, cake, and fun... our little Dustin is turning ONE!"
Below that include the party details; date, time, address and RSVP number.
Party411 has a lot of wonderful invitations for kid's birthdays that can be customized! I love adding a photo to my invitations.  Here are a few of our most popular designs... many of the photos on the samples are kids of Party411 event planners :)
Backstage Pass for Boys Birthday
Custom photo ticket invitation
Photo Ticket Invitations
See custom invitations for boys birthday parties
See All the Boy's Birthday Invitations and Party Favors
I can't even begin to express how wonderful our custom caricature invitations are for a party.  I did one for my younger son and it was such a hit.  Truly a one of a kind invitation! Here are a few of my favorite designs:
Custom boys caricature invitation Custom boys caricature invitation  Custom caricature invitation, uniques boys birthday invitation

boys Birthday Decorations and Party Supplies
I always start with a theme for my boy's birthdays. The theme will drive my final choices, but I start with these staples to decorate the room.
  • Personalized Banner - a great party welcome! You can hang it outside to let everyone know where the party is, or hang it inside for a perfect wall decoration. Add your own wording, and many designs even let you include a picture.
  • Balloons are a party staple! Make balloon bouquets from latex balloons in colors that coordinate with your theme. Add a Mylar balloon that matches the theme to each bunch if one is available. Always use an odd number of balloons to make the best looking bouquets. Don't forget the coordinating curling ribbon and the helium tank!
  • Crepe Paper - There is nothing that screams birthday party as much as crepe paper streamers hung around a party room. High impact for a low cost - perfect!
Justin, my youngest, was born on St. Patrick's Day.  For his first birthday we did a St. Patrick's Day theme, and I posted a few pictures on the Party411 blog. The one decoration everyone just loved was a cutout of Justin as a leprechaun. We do our life-sized cutouts in a table top size as well, and it is a great party decoration. Julie just used one for Jack's birthday (sports theme) near the favor table to remind the kid's to grab their favor bags. See all of our custom cutouts for all of the fun themes available!
Kid's birthday cutout Kid's Birthday custom decoration
The picture below is from a Sports Theme Birthday Party that a Party411 event planner threw for her son. The table is set perfectly for adding decoration to an otherwise plain hall, and she did a great job of working her party favors into the table decoration. Here are a few tips on how to create a similar look on your table:
  • Set the table with paper goods that match your theme. Most styles have everything matching, from plates, to cups to tablecloths. Personally,  I like to do one patterned plate, with coordinating solid color paper goods and a plain colored table cloth. I think it looks less busy, but it depends on your pattern... so it's up to you.
  • Silverware can be set on napkins next to the plates like the picture above, or they can be wrapped in silverware bundles by rolling the silverware up in the napkin, and tying it closed with ribbon, or a party favor. For instance, for a sports theme party you could use a whistle, for a candy theme you can use a candy necklace. It's a great way to display a favor on the table.
  • I like to get a fun plastic cup that matches my theme for each of the kids and put them at the place settings (kids love them). If you go with a  paper cup you can always fluff a napkin in a contrasting color and place it in the cup (like tissue in a gift bag)  to add a nice touch. I like to add a small sheet of stickers or a krazy straw in there too.
A centerpiece and snack all in one!


  • Place snacks in bowls in the middle of the table, and sprinkle confetti or wrapped candies across the table top.
  • If the room is large, I recommend doing balloon bouquets on the table add color. Get creative with your balloon weights. The foil ones are ok, but something to match your theme is even better. Jungle bean bag animals for a safari theme, silver painted "moon rocks" for an outer space theme, bunches of bananas for a monkey theme... get creative!
  • Depending on the party favor I choose, sometimes I like to place them at the kids seats. Hats and other wearables can be enjoyed throughout the party, so I like the kids to get their hands on them early. T-shirts can be placed on the backs of chairs. Another cute favor for the table are personalized water bottles, which are especially good for parties where the kids will be running around (bounce houses, play centers).


 Speaking of running around, now that the room is decorated let's have some fun talking over games and activities!
Kids Birthday Games
Your theme and location are key to choosing activities for a boys birthday party. If you choose a place that will entertain the kids, like a bounce house party place or an indoor playground facility you won't need to do anything for activities other than arrive ready to play. This makes the planning simple! Mail the invites, bring a cake and favors and you're done!

If your having the party at home or in a hall you should bring in some activities. Kids love to run around so you might as well organize the mayhem. Here are some ideas that work for a theme party or a home party for boys:
Face Painting - This is a great activity that kids love. You can paint on their cheek or hand. Have a teenager or another adult paint so you can be available to run the rest of the party.
Cookie Decorating - Always fun and tasty... dessert and activity in one. Before the party, bake sugar cookies and let them cool. 2-3 cookies per child is a good rule of thumb (one to eat, some to take home... and now you have a favor too!) If you have a theme, use a cookie cutter in a coordinating shape, like a rocket for a space theme party. Provide while icing and sprinkles, and a take home container (or a custom party favor bag) with a little note "Friends are the sprinkles on the cookie of life... thanks for celebrating Billy's birthday with him!"
Bring in an Entertainer -  Julie, one of the event planners here at Party411, threw a Jungle theme party for her son Jack a few years ago. She had a local wildlife expert "Jungle Terry" bring in some of his animals for the kids to experience. You can see some of the pictures on our blog. See if there is anyone in you area to do a similar show and tell.
We have more ideas over at our kid's birthday party games page too.

boys Birthday Favors
  Loot bags are always popular. A little bit of candy, some stickers and other assorted goodies put in something easy to carry. It’s always fun to use something that fits your theme. For example if you are doing Finding Nemo, or are having a beach party, use some plastic beach pails as your “bag”. Use is a great favor box that is great for birthday party favors.
Fill your loot bag with some fun toys and candy - 
  • Birthday Photo Mint Tin
  • Mini Candy Gumball Machine and Candy
  • Color-Clay Activity
  • Personalized Spiral Lollipops
  • Clay Sets
The favors will serve as a sweet reminder of a fantastic party. Have a perfect time at your child's birthday party!