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Firefighter Birthday Party Ideas


I don't know about you, but my kids love fire trucks and firefighters! What's cooler than a big red truck that makes a ton of noise and heads out to save the day! So, plan a firefighter theme birthday party for your little hero!

Check with your local fire department before you plan your party. Many will arrange for tours of the fire department for your party. Our local fire station is attached to our City Hall that has a party room. So, you can have your birthday party in the party room and also get a tour of the fire department. If yours doesn't have a party room, then start your party at the fire station and head home for the party. Just make sure you have enough adults to drive the kids!

Firefighter Birthday Invitations
Invite your guests to the Firefighter birthday party with these fun, colorful personalized firefighter birthday invitations. They are sure to get everyone excited for your party!

Get the kids involved: Let the kids help with the invitations for their party. Print out all of the party information on white paper and mount that on red cardstock. Let the kids decorate the invitations with red crayons, glitter or even fire fighter stickers.

Send your invitations 3-5 weeks before the start of the party. I usually shoot for 4 weeks to give people time to RSVP.

Firefighter Party Supplies and Birthday Decorations
A personalized fire truck banner is perfect at the entrance to the party! Maybe the fire house would even let you hang it from one of the fire trucks. (Your child will really think they are the coolest kid ever if you can do that.)

Welcome everyone to firefighter training school. Your child may or may not want to dress as a firefighter. If they do, provide an assortment of firefighter costumes and hats to choose from including cool fire fighter hats.

There are lots of fun firefighter items that you can use to decorate your party, tables or even the kids attending the party. Get an assortment of items! Here are our favorites for your fire crew's party:

  • Fire truck Pinata - This is an easy table decoration!
  • Fire truck Balloons - It's always easy to decorate with balloons!

  • Inflatable fire hydrant - what a fun centerpiece!

  • Plush Dalmatian - Every firehouse needs a dalmation. Add this guy to your buffet or let the kids play with a couple of them.

Get the kids involved: Let the kids help create fire fighter badges for all of their friends. These badges can be simple sheriff's badges that you add a sticker to with each child's name. (Cover the word sheriff on each badge.) If your child is old enough, have them help write out the names. If they are younger, you can write the names and let them decorate the badges with crayons and markers.

Firefighter Birthday Table and Menu
Disposable Firefighter party supplies are the way to go. Use fire fighter theme paper goods for quick and easy clean up. Wrap red plastic silverware in firefighter napkins and tie it with ribbon.

A fire truck piñata makes a super cool centerpiece for your table. Put a personalized fire fighter theme candy bar at each place to give your junior firefighters extra strength and energy.

The kids are going to be pretty busy playing at this party, so make your food choices fast and easy; like pizza, chicken nuggets, etc. They'll eat and be back to playing so fast, they won't notice the food!

For dessert, check with a local bakery and get a fun firefighter theme birthday cake. Or create your own with these fun firefighter theme cake toppers.

Firefighter Birthday Party Games and Activities
Of course, if your party is at a fire station, then your activity is already planned. A tour of the station will be super cool (or HOT!) for the kids. They may even get to climb on a real fire truck or try on a fire fighter helmet! Best of all, they will learn all about fire safety. (We love an educational party!)

If you have a young group a fun yet quiet activity is have the kids color firefighter coloring sheets. You can buy a few firefighter coloring books, or print out these free coloring sheets we created for you:
For a firefighter theme party that isn't at a fire station, how about a firefighter training course? Set up an obstacle course in the back yard for the kids with tires to climb through, cones to run around, ropes to untie, etc.

Here's a fun game you can play with teams. You'll need 4 kiddie pools and 2 buckets. Divide the kids into two teams and have the kids stand in a line in between the two kiddie pools. Fill one pool with water and have one kid fill a bucket with water and pass the bucket to the next kind in the line. Have them keep passing until they reach the child standing next to the empty pool. They can empty the bucket into the pool and then run to the full pool. Keep rotating kids and passing buckets until the second pool as full and you have your winners!

Firefighter Birthday Party Favors
Send the kid's home with a great firefighter theme gift. Some fun items to include are:

  • Firefighter theme personalized mint tins (with hot cinnamon candies, of course!)
  • Fire theme stickers
  • Fire extinguisher squirters
  • Red Hots Candies and Red, Orange or Yellow Rock Candy (looks like flames!)
  • Fire fighter hats

Your Firefighter birthday party will be so much fun your guests will anxiously await your next event! With ideas and products from you know that all your celebrations will be memorable ones.