WWE Wrestling Party Ideas for a kids birthday

Wrestling Theme Kids Birthday Party

Let’s get ready to ruuuuuummmmmmbbbbbblllllleee! Surprise your birthday boy or girl with a wrestling theme party that will be a smash hit!  If your child is a rough and tumble kind of kid who loves watching WWE, a wrestling party is the perfect theme.  Serve wrestling theme snacks, watch the most recent WWE Smackdown, and set up your own wrestling rink so the kids can throw down!  Follow the tips and tricks below for a party no one will forget!

wrestling theme party Invitations


Get your guests excited for the main event by sending out a smashin' invite!  This wrestling party invitation will impress even the most fearsome guests, and you can customize it with a picture of the birthday boy or girl!  Check out some of our other personalized invites that will get everyone ready to rumble!


  • Wrestling Backstage Pass Invitation - Make your guests feel like VIPs with a backstage pass invite.  Add a WWE lanyard and laminate them so the kiddos feel extra special!
  • Personalized Ticket Invitations - Send your guests a ticket for a front row seat at the party!  Add details like the seat number, section, and event name.
  • Sports Theme Custom Caricature - Go all out with a caricature invite designed for your event!  Have the birthday girl or boy standing in the middle of a WWE rink standing triumphant over a defeated foe and surrounded by adoring fans. With this invite, the sky is the limit! 
Try one of these wording examples for your invite:
  • Let's get ready to rumble at Eric's 8th birthday party!
  • For a slammin' good time, come to Erica's birthday party!
  • Robert’s Birthday Bash is sure to be a Knockout!
  • Beat the Count and RSVP by May 15
  • Watch out for flying table and chairs at Sammy’s Slamboree

wrestling theme Decorations and Party Supplies




As the wrestlers arrive, greet them with a wrestling party theme banner dedicated to the birthday boy or girl! Make your entrance stand out even more with groupings of black, red, and orange balloons. Try using WWE latex balloons gathered in corners, on the sign-in table, and around the buffet to highlight the important areas. Include a few of these other decorating tips to make your venue worthy of WWE Smackdown!
  • Lifesize Wrestler Cutout - Make a great move for your party by ordering a personalized wrestler cutout of the guest of honor!  Friends of the birthday boy will love posing for pics with this muscular superstar!  We also have a fun Wrestler Photo Op alternative, too!
  • WWE Standups - Order these life size cardboard stand ups of the birthday boy or girl's favorite WWE wrestler!  Choose from John Cena, Randy Ortin, and Triple H.  Get all three and dedicate a special area of the venue for a photobooth where guests can take pictures with the stars.
  • WWE Paper Masks - Deck your guests with party wearables!  These fun masks will encourage mock challenges for certain.
  • World Wrestling Champ Belt - Make the birthday boy or girl feel special with their own champ belt!
  • WWE Wall Decals - These John Cena wall decals will make any venue pop!  Cena fans will love the reference to their favorite WWE wrestler.
  • WWE Ribbon Flag Banner - Hang this colorful banner over an archway or along a mantel.
After your venue looks like a WWE rink, make sure to decorate the tables and serve food that fits the theme, too!

wrestling Table Decorations and Menu

Extreme wrestlers have extreme appetites, so have some wrestling theme menu items that will fill the stomachs of your most ferocious fighters and decorate the tables to get ready for Wrestlemania! Don't forget to name different foods after famous professional wrestlers.

Wrestling Party Menu:
  • Hulk Hoagies - Serve cold cut sandwiches complete with a sandwich pick with a picture of Hulk Hogan.
  • Zigs in a Blanket - A classic appetizer gives a nod to Zig Zag, a Wrestlemania favorite.
  • Stone Cold Ice Cream Sundae- Make sure to set out a bunch of fixins' and syrups!
  • Santino's Specialty - Serve some Italian classics, pizza and pasta!  
  • John Cena Salad - Every strong wrestler needs their vegetables!
  • People's Elbow Mac and Cheese - A nod to one of The Rock's signature move.
  • The Main Event - Of course, the cake!
  • Your wrestlers might work up a sweat, so wrap bottles in some personalized wrestling party water bottle labels!
 Wrestling Party Table Decorations:
  • WWE Table Decorating Kit - Keep it simple with an all-in-one decorating kit!  Includes three centerpieces and confetti!
  • Wrestling Ring Centerpieces - Cover boxes with white craft paper, and fashion mini wrestling rings! Add a WWE logo to the center of the ring, dowel rod posts, and red string for ropes.  Pose wrestling action figures in each centerpiece, too!
  • WWE Wrestler Table Numbers - Dedicate each table to a famous WWE wrestler. Include a picture and an action figure of each one along with the table number.
  • WWE Party Pack - Decorate each place setting with WWE theme plates, placemats, water bottles, and napkins. 
After feeding the hungry wrestlers, keep them entertained with a variety of fun WWE theme party games!

wrestling theme party games


When the kids arrive, they'll be ready to rumble, so make sure you provide safe wrestling games and activities to keep the party hoppin'!  One priority of the party should be to watch the birthday boy or girl's favorite wrestling match up. Make sure to provide plush seating as well as snacks for guests to munch on.  


You might also hand out judging cards to each child (give them cards numbered 1-5). Have them judge each wrestlers move and vote for a winner at the end of the match.  Try some of these other fun games to keep the kiddos entertained:
  • Set up a thumb wrestling station where the kids battle each other to be the thumb champion!  Have a ladder where kids can keep track of who's facing who, and have a "Championship Game" where the final thumb wrestlers face off.  Have players use fun WWE Thumb Wrestlers, and give them to the winner as a prize!
  • Rent a Blow Up Sumo Suits so guests can duke it out in the ring!  Everyone will be lining up to get a change to wrestle during this fun game. If sumo suits aren't your style, try blow up punching gloves that the kids can use outside.
  • Cut wrestling champ belts from construction paper, which guests can decorate!  This fun craft serves double duty as an activity and favor!
  • Have an adult run a face painting station where the kids can suit up!  Expect a few mini Stings and Demolitions to be running around.
  • Name that Wrestler! Display 10-15 pictures famous wrestlers and have players guess who is who on an answer sheet. Give the player with the most correct answers a prize!
 After the winners have received their champ belts, make sure to send everyone home with something to remember The Main Event!

wrestling Party Favors
Try a few of these wrestling theme party favors to send home with the kids:



Have fun hosting you Smackdown Celebration, and don't forget to save a corner in the ring for The Party Girl!