Batman Theme Birthday Party


He is the protector of Gotham City, and considered to be the greatest detective ever. He has an awesome car, wears a cape, and knows his way around a grappling hook. The Dark Knight. The Caped Crusader. Bruce Wayne. Batman. Whatever you call him, we all wish we could be him. Make that wish come true for your child's birthday. Just use these great ideas and Batman party supplies to create the ultimate Batman Birthday Party. To the Batcave!

Batman Birthday Invitations
Invite your guests to the Batman birthday party with personalized Batman birthday invitation that matches this theme perfectly! (There is even a matching Batman candy bar wrapper so you can coordinate your invites and favors!)

Get the kids involved: Or you can involve your child in the party planning process by letting them design the invitations. Have them cut out Bat-signals from yellow and black construction paper, and write the party details on the back.

Batman Party Supplies and Birthday Decorations
Welcome everyone with a personalized Batman birthday banner. Place a basket at the front door with Batman masks in it, so everyone can preserve their secret identities. The guest of honor deserves a Batman costume though.

Now you need to recreate Gotham City, which is easy with Batman party supplies. You can use construction paper to make directional signs. The living room can be Wayne Manor, the kitchen is the Batcave, and Arkham Asylum is in the basement, so watch out!

Scatter Batman balloon bouquets around the room. Cut bat silhouettes from black construction paper and decorate the ceiling and walls with them.

Batman Birthday Table and Menu
Serve kid-friendly foods with Batman themed names; Poison Ivy Punch, Scarecrow Sandwiches, Two Face French Fries, and Penguin Fish Sticks are perfect! Then have Batman Birthday Cake with Mr. Freeze Ice Cream for desert.

Disposable Batman party supplies are the way to go. Use Batman paper goods for quick and easy clean up. Wrap black plastic silverware in Batman napkins and tie it with ribbon.

Batman Birthday Party Games and Activities
Set up a Batman Sidekick Training course. Batman party games are a fantastic way to wear the kids out before cake and presents. Try a combination of these fun activities:

Target Practice: Print out pictures of Batman villains (Catwoman, the Riddler, the Penguin, Joker) and tape them to empty plastic 2-liter bottles. Set them on a table and have the kids stand behind a line and throw Bat-a Rangs at the "villains".

Daring Detective: Since Batman is a world class detective, have the children see if they can name common items under a microscope. Cover the microscope so they cannot see what they are identifying, and have them write down their guesses.

Batman Trivia: Test their knowledge of Batman characters, villains, and Gotham City. Which of Batman's sidekicks was named after a bird? What was the name of Batman's car?

Foiling the Riddler: Have the kids work alone or in teams to solve riddles left for Batman by the Riddler. (What goes up white and comes down yellow and white? An egg)

Facing Mr Freeze: Children must carry an ice cube on a spoon and race to the finish line without dropping the ice cube.

The best thing about being Batman is getting to drive around the slickest car ever; the Batmobile. Now you can make your guest's dreams come true as they pose for a picture in a Batmobile photo op. Just set it atop a 6' or an 8’ table with a chair behind for fun photos to take home! 

Batman Birthday Party Favors
Send the kid's home with a Batman bag filled with fun favors. Some fun items to include are:

Your Batman birthday party will be so much fun; your guests will anxiously await your next event! With ideas and products from you know that all your celebrations will be memorable ones.