Out of this World Space Birthday Party


Space is a great theme for a child that is always dreaming big. The astronaut and space shuttle party supplies for this party are out of this world! And lots of glowing decorations and fun activities will make it a night to remember for the guest of honor and all of their friends!

Out of this World Space Invitations
Send out a fantastic space themed invitation. Party411.com has personalized space theme birthday invitations for your out of this world party! Add some extra special sparkle to the invite by sprinkling a little star confetti in the envelope.

Get The Kids Involved: You can make your own invitations out of neon colored paper. Cut it into a fun shape like a rocket, star or planet, and decorate it with glitter. Make sure to write something on them like, "The Martians are coming…to Andy's Birthday Party! Will you be here to greet them?"

Another fun idea is to have an alien abduction! Give fair warning to parents as to the actual "abduction" but let it be a surprise for the kids. Hosting parents can dress as aliens to meet the kids at the front of the party so they can be whooshed away to the party room. Your guest of honor can have his or her very own space helmet to protect him from the swarm of aliens out and about.

Alien and Space Theme Decorations and Party Supplies
You will want to make the kids feel like they left Earth and are traveling among the stars! This party works best in a large empty room, so clear out any furniture so there is plenty of room to move around! Or better yet, get the party room at your Children's Museum, or at the Science Museum, where kids can marvel at the wonders of air and space.

Start by filling the room with blue latex balloon bouquets, they are inexpensive, and will make a dramatic impression. You can place the bouquets near the entrance, on the tables, and in the corners of the room; anywhere you need a little decoration! If you are feeling adventurous, why not make a balloon arch to put at the entrance to the party?

Make signs from black poster board and glow in the dark paint. Do a few directional signs, "Venus: 25 million miles ahead", and a landmark sign or two; Mons Huygens (largest mountain on the moon) or Andromeda Galaxy (our closest galaxy neighbor). Don't forget to include some fun facts about the celestial bodies. Yay for educational decorations!

Paint large Styrofoam balls (from the craft store) like planets and moons. Styrofoam pitted and shaped to look like boulders that have been painted a green glow in the dark make fun moon rocks!

A paper hallway runner with glow in the dark "alien footprints" painted on it would be fun as well, just make sure it is secure so no one trips! Set the mood with some "space" music. The soundtrack from Star Wars, 2001: A Space Odyssey, or Apollo 13 is perfect.

Don't forget this simple space decoration - tin foil! See how creative you can get with a few rolls. You may have enough to make yourself a hat to keep the aliens out of your head! :)

Space theme Table Decorations and Menu
Continue to wow all of you spacefarers by making your tables and food as "far out" as your decorations. It's simple to do, just continue to add glowing elements and extra-terrestrial touches! Here are a few quick and easy ideas:

  • Start by covering your tables with black craft paper. Set out glow-in-the-dark crayons so the kids can doodle while they eat.
  • Scatter some space shuttle erasers as confetti across the table and the buffet if you are having one.
Feed your guests ordinary foods with extraordinary names like Asteroid Applesauce, Beam Me up Beans, Pluto Pizza, Venus Veggies, and Blast Off Burgers. Setting a personalized candy bar (that matches your invites) at each seat is a nice touch.

Space Theme Games and Activities
Activities are especially important for kids parties. What you do will depend a lot on your age group, but an astronaut photo op is perfect for all ages. The kid's will have a great time pretending to be an astronaut, and they will have fun pictures to take home and remember the party by!

If you have the space for it, why not rent a moon bounce? Set it up outside or in the basement and let your little guests work off all their energy!

"The Alien in the Lineup" - Get a picture of an alien but keep it hidden from the kids until game time. Give everyone pencil and paper and have them write down every detail they remember about the alien's appearance. After 3 minutes, call time. Show the picture of the alien and see how many details they got right. The one with the most right wins the prize.

"Space Exploration" - Divide the guests into 2 teams, and give each team a ball of yarn. Send the teams to different parts of the house, and have them wind the yarn around various pieces of furniture to create a maze. Have one group try to follow the yarn path through space. If anyone lets go they will be lost in space forever. When one team finishes, have the other team follow their yarn path. Then have a "Moon Rock Hunt" on your new planet. Paint rocks with glow-in-the-dark paint, and hide them around the room. Turn out the lights, then race to see who can collect the most moon rocks for a prize.
And be sure to check out our Kids Birthday Party Games for more great ideas!

Space Theme Party Favors
Everyone will regret have to come back to Earth at the end of the party. Cushion the landing by sending everyone home with a goodie bag full of treats:

Everyone will have a blast at your Out of this World Birthday Party! With help from Party411.com, all of your parties will be a huge success!