Puppy Dog Theme Birthday Party


Whether it’s a birthday party, a “just because your child wants to have a party” party, or a celebration of man or woman’s best friend, there’s nothing like a Puppy Party. These sweet, loving animals are the perfect theme party for either a boy or girl (and how often does that happen?) and your 4-legged friend will delight in being the center of attention.

Dog Theme Party Invitations
How excited will the guests be when they get an invitation to a dog party? This personalized puppy dog invitation would be perfect for your puppy party! (Put a picture of your child and his or her dog on one of our matching candy bar wrappers!)

If your kids want to be involved in the party planning process let them design the invitations. Use puppy stickers, markers, and pictures of dogs from magazines or hand-drawn, you will have unique, one-of-a-kind invitations! Whatever invitation style you choose, sprinkle a little dog bone confetti in the envelope to add some sparkle!

Puppy Theme Decorations and Party Supplies
Your guests will know they’re in for fun when they see a dog theme banner hanging over the door. As everyone walks in they will be delighted to see a puppy dog sign in board where they can leave the birthday boy or girl a message.

Make the entrance even more festive with bunches of paw print balloons too. Balloons are an easy and inexpensive way to decorate and everyone loves them. Make the bunches in odd numbers since it is most pleasing to the eye. For a fun touch use dog bean bags as balloon weights!

A fun yet inexpensive decorating idea is to use plastic squeak toys and dog bones from the dollar store as decorations. They make great balloon weights, and you can leave piles of them around to room. Consider donating them to an animal shelter after the party.

Puppy Theme Table Decorations and Menu
Set the table with paw print paper goods. They are cute, match the theme, and are easy to clean up. How can it get better? Both themes have great centerpieces too.

If the party’s for lunch then hot dogs, full size or minis, are a must! Serve with chips, fruit and milk, chocolate or plain, and you’re done – except for the cake of course. A bakery can make one in the shape of a dog or buy a cake pan in the shape of a dog and make your own. And, don’t forget the ice cream!

If the party isn’t for lunch or dinner, you can serve silly snacks. Everyone will be laughing when you serve round and crunchy cereal in a bowl. Is it really dog food, or does it just look like it? Make delicious cookies in the shape of dogs, dog bones or even dog houses and let the kids decorate them with sprinkles and frosting. It’s great fun and a great tasting activity.

Dog Theme Party Activities
Gather everyone in a room and spread some cozy blankets on the floor. Have each guest bring their favorite stuffed dog and read one of the best dog story’s ever Go Dog Go. And while they’re all seated, why not play some fun party games? Doggie, Doggie Where’s Your Bone and Pass the Puppy (a variation on Hot Potato) will have everyone giggling and ready to eat.

Looking for a more active game? Kids of all ages love piñatas. Hang a puppy pinata filled with candy and toys and let the kids (carefully) start swinging! When it breaks, look out, there will be treats and laughter everywhere.

Puppy Theme Party Favors

Send your guests home with tasty treats that are just too good for their 4-legged friends. For a truly special gift, choose a milk or dark chocolate candy bar with a personalized puppy wrapper. It’s sure to be the best party favor ever!Some fun puppy favors include:
  • Crayons and dog bone erasers that will offer hours of entertainment even after the party’s over.
  • Plush dogs

With Party411.com’s help, your guests will have such a great time at the Puppy Party; they won’t be able to wait for next year’s event.