Super Mario Brothers Birthday Party

I love video games. And while I am always up for the newest game out, Nintendo's Mario Brothers series keeps me coming back. Maybe it is because the games are always bright and light hearted. Or maybe it's the wacky levels and characters. Whatever it is, I know that I am in for a good time whether I sit down to play Super Mario Bros. on my old NES, or Mario Kart on my Wii. And since having a good time is the goal of every party, Super Mario Bros. makes a fantastic party theme too! I know many a young boy and girl who would love to have this Nintendo themed birthday (and a few adults as well!)

Super Mario Brothers Birthday Invitations
Start by sending a fun custom Super Mario Brother's party invitation to all of the lucky guests. Make your invitations really stand out by adding star confetti to the envelope (I can hear everyone humming the Star Power music as they open these...)
If you want to make a really unique invitation, go to the used game store and pick up a bunch of cheap NES cartridges. Cover the random games labels with a sticky label that has all of the party info printed on it. Your guests will be smashing bricks and clamoring over Goombas to get their RSVPs in!

Super Mario Brothers Decorations and Party Supplies

Start by welcoming everyone with a personalized Super Mario Brothers birthday banner hanging on the outside of the house. You can add yellow and red balloon bouquets near the entrance as well.

Now it is time to decorate the inside of the party area in bright primary colors so everyone will think they have traveled through a warp pipe! Start by decorating the room with more balloon bouquets. Add a Mario Bros Mylar balloon to each bunch.
Get the kids involved: Add some 8 bit ambiance with a few handmade decorations that the guest of honor can help you cut out from construction paper. Question blocks and coins can be made from yellow construction paper. Add in a few green warp pipes of varying heights. If you are feeling ambitious, make a few Goombas and Bomb-ombs walking across the bottom of the wall, and maybe a Bullet Bill and a Koopa Paratroopa flying through the air.

Super Mario Brothers Birthday Party Table and Menu
Set the table with colorful Super Mario Bros. paper products. You can dress up each place setting by doing a few fun things with the paper goods. First make a silverware bundle by wrapping plastic silverware in a curling ribbon and adding a ring on each bow. Wrap it with a glow necklace that the kids can unwrap and wear. You can also place another napkin inside the paper cup and fluff it out like a flower.

Don't forget to personalize your table. A small bottle of water with a personalized Super Mario Bros bottle label is a cute idea. There is a great one with stripes of bright colors that would look great!

When it comes to your menu, serve food the kids will love. You can name each dish after a game element or character to keep it all in theme. Here are a few ideas to get you started:

  • Piranha Plant Pizza
  • Bowser Burgers
  • Toad Taco Bar
  • Super Leaf Spinach Salad
  • Wario Watermelon Slices
  • Fire Flower Fruit Punch
  • Super Mushroom Cupcakes

Super Mario Brothers Birthday Party Games and Activities

Well, the obvious entertainment here is to set up the video games systems and let the kids play all the Mario games you have. See if family and friends have any system or TVs they can lend you.
You can also arrange to have an obstacle course or set of mini games for the kids to compete in. Set up a few short courses, and theme them like Mario levels. The first "level" can be your standard Mario obstacles:

Goomba Hop - Have the kids jump up and down through a series of hula hoops set out in a hop scotch pattern.

Save Yoshi's Egg - Have an spoon race with eggs that have been decorated with green spots.
Find the Coins - Hide a paper cutout of a coin in one of a selection of boxes and then shuffle. Lets the kids choose until they find the one with a Mario coin in it!
Hot Bomb-ombs - In this version of hot potato, the kids toss a Bomb-omb! Have all of the kids sit or stand in a circle. One child is chosen as "Mario" and he or she begins passing a black ball (the Bomb-omb) around the circle, while the "Mario" turns his/her head with eyes closed. Everyone must accept the Bomb-omb, and may not hold it longer than a second. At any point t" Mario" can yell, "Bomb-omb!", and whoever has the ball is out. Continue to play until there is only one person left, and he/she wins!
Then you can move on to the water level that pops up in every world:
Blooper Toss - White water balloon Bloopers (the little enemy squids) can be tossed back and forth between a team of 2. After every successful toss the team members should back up a step. The last team with a live (non broken) blooper wins!
Cheep-Cheep Cup Balance - Ahh Cheeps-Cheeps, those crazy red and green fish that seem to fly at Mario when he is least expecting it. Kids can balance a small Dixie cup full of water on their head and walk between 2 points, being careful not to drop their "Cheep-Cheeps".
Now on to the dreaded final level, Bowser's castle:
Avoid the Ghost - Have an adult act as the ghost. Kids can move while the ghost is looking away, but must freeze when he turns around. If they are caught moving by the ghost they are out! Last player standing wins!
Bowser Balance Beam - Have the little Mario's navigate a sturdy board on two cinder blocks.
Fireball Throw - Play target practice by tossing red balls at a target shaped like a Bowser. See who can get the most hits out of a set number of throws.

You can even set up a loose tournament by making a scoreboard from a piece of poster board. Make a chart and when they beat a certain game they get a Mario Bros. sticker after their name.

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Super Mario Brothers Birthday Party Favors
Everyone will be having so much fun at your Super Mario Brothers birthday party that they will not want to leave! Eventually they must, so make that parting a sweet one with a fun party favor. You have lots of options, here are a few of our favorites:
  • Crayons
  • Super Mario Bros. notepad
  • Super Mario Bros. stickers
  • Super Mario Bros. temporary tattoos.

Have fun at your Super Mario Brothers birthday party!