Bowling Birthday Party. Bowling Theme Kid Party. Great ideas for invitations, favors and party supplies.

Bowling Party for Kids

There’s nothing like a bowling party! No matter how old or young you are, everyone loves to bowl. It’s obviously great to host this party at a bowling alley, but it's so fun and active you can also have a great party and never leave your house. Your guests will know they’re in for a “striking” good time as soon as the invitation arrives.

Bowling Party Invitations
Your guests will know that this party is just up their alley when they receive a personalized bowling theme invitation. It is the perfect introduction to your event. Or choose a fill in the blank bowling invitation - just fill out the details and mail. There is also a fun bowling thank you note set that coordinates perfectly with the invitation.

Design your own invitation if you’re feeling ambitious. Choose red, white and blue paper or cardstock and cut out a bowling pin or bowling ball. Write the party information on the back with a sparkling gel pen for a little pizzazz. Or cutout a large circle in the color of your choice, and add 3 black circles like on a bowling ball. Add your party information right on the front of the ball

No matter what invitation you choose, be sure to tell your guests to wear their favorite bowling shirts. You will be amazed at what your bowling fashionistas wear. You could even offer a prize for the best shirt!
Bowling Party Decorations and Party Supplies
No matter where your party is, at home or the bowling alley, make sure you have a personalized bowling theme banner welcoming your guests hanging over the door. They are water proof, so you can use them all year round.

You know we love balloons at! Create balloon bouquets made up of Mylar bowling ball balloons mixed with latex balloons in yellow, blues and purple and place them around the room - they will look great throughout your party.

A bowling theme sign in board is a perfect way for your guests to leave thoughtful messages for the guest of honor and also makes a great memento from your party.

How is this for a cool decoration? Bowling pin piñatas are fun for games but also work as decorations. You can hang them around the room or set them around on tables and buffets.
Bowling Party Table Decorations and Menu
Cover your tables in solid color tablecovers with a bowling placemat at each place. Bowling tablecovers are also great fun, but you can save those for buffets. Choose bowling theme paper goods with bowling pins and bowling balls on them in festive colors!

A simple and easy centerpiece for your table is a bowling bag filled with balloons. Fill it with tissue paper in yellow, purple and blue and have your balloons coming out of the middle. Add a few honeycomb bowling centerpieces around the center and on any buffet tables.

Make a fun centerpiece with a by spray painting a Styrofoam ball in the color of your choice. Then add the three black circles of a bowling ball. Place your "ball" in the center of the table for a fun (and not as heavy as a real ball!) centerpiece.

If your party is at the bowling alley, you will probably have to serve whatever is available there. Chances are it’s hotdogs, nachos, French fries and pizza. But, everyone loves these foods! In fact, they are so perfect for this party you can serve them at home too.

Bowling pin sipper bottles are great favors for this party. Set one out at each place or keep them out on a drink table. You should take a black Sharpie marker and add a name to each cup so they don't get mixed up during the party. They also make fun prizes for bowling if you don't want to order as many cups.

Have a cake in the shape of a bowling ball or a ball and pins on the cake; it will be cute and tasty too. Another fun idea is to have a sheet cake created with a bowling scene on it and bowling ball and pin candles set up at the end of the lane on your cakes.

Bowling Party Activities
If your party is at the bowling alley, obviously bowling is your main activity! Try some fun bowling games while you're playing! Before the party write out funny ways to bowl on cards, like backwards, left handed or while doing a funny dance. Have a set for each bowling lane and let people choose from the cards before their turns. Lots of fun and great for pictures!

If you're having the party at home, first head to your local toy store! Look for a plastic bowling set or an inflatable bowling set and you can create a bowling alley at home. They work well outside on the driveway for a nice weather party, and of course, inside...away from breakables!

Bowling Party Favors
There is no better treat than a bar of chocolate! Give your guests a delicious bar of milk or dark chocolate surrounded by a personalized bowling candy wrapper. A wrapper with a bowling ball and pins on it (remember the invitation?) and your own message will be a sweet reminder of fabulous event. Another ready to go favor is a bowling party favor bag that includes a bowling pin keychain, 4½ mini candy gumball machine, bowling shirt notepad, crayons, assorted-color glow stick, and bowling sticker sheet.

Another idea is to start with the empty bowling favor bag and fill it with fun goodies, like:
A bowling party is great for all ages! You will never “strike out” with a party planned by and your guests will “spare” no effort to attend.