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Pirate Adventure for boys and girls


Aye, Aye Matey! What young man hasn't wanted to be a pirate? Find the buried treasure? Discover an island? Meet Captain Hook? Well, maybe not the last one, but this is a great party for any adventurous mate. Plan a great party with this Pirate's Adventure Party.

Pirate Birthday Invitations
Send a really fun pirate party invitation and wow your guests! Everyone will be saying "Blow me down" when you dress it up even more by adding a pirate eye patch to each envelope.

You can also make your own creative invitation! I suggest a treasure map to your house, what else? This wouldn't be too hard to do and the whole family can get involved. Just make sure the clues aren't too hard! Draw it, and then take it to a local Kinko's or print shop to be printed on tan paper (or parchment if they will do it inexpensively). Have guests come dressed as their favorite pirate or theme it around Peter Pan and have them come as one of those characters.

Pirate Decorations and Party Supplies
Decorate the place with black, gold, and silver balloons, pirate ship balloons, latex balloons, and maybe even some empty bottles with the word POISON on them. (Don't forget those XXs you see in the cartoons).

One of the really fun things about a pirate party is the ability to dress up your guests. Kids will figure out how to play pirate if they’re dressed like one! Think about a pirate hook, or even a pirate bandana. Add a pirate sword and you have a ready made party favor. Put all of the pirate gear in a treasure chest and let your guests help themselves to their new pirate persona.

Pirate Table Decorations and Menu
Decorate your table with chocolate foil covered gold coins as confetti and a pirate hat at each place setting. For the centerpiece, use a treasure chest filled with Mylar gold and silver shreddz (crinkled paper) and balloons coming out from the inside.

Put an eye patch at each place setting. Parrot balloons and other parrot decorations all around the room will add to the feeling of being a pirate. Of course you’ll need pirate plates, cups, napkins and tablecovers. You can choose from a nice assortment pirate theme paper goods. Bandanas make nice napkins as well! And, place snacks in these adorable mini pirate buckets.

What do pirates eat? They love anything that makes a mess! Choose whether you have a "build your own hot dog/burger" bar, or a pizza making station (let the kids choose from a few different toppings, and then just put mini-pizzas on English Muffins or Bobboli bread in the oven to bake). One thing pirates definitely love to do is eat cake and ice cream. How do I know? Tinkerbell told me!

Pirate Party Activities
Your guests will be standing in line to have their pictures taken with a male life size pirate photo opportunity or a female life size pirate cutout. Make your guests dreams come true as they are transformed into a swashbuckling pirate or a pirate queen – whatever character you choose.

You can also have everyone watch Pirates of the Caribbean, Peter Pan or Hook (with Robin Williams) and have a trivia contest when it's over for prizes. Or have a treasure hunt. Hide prizes in different rooms throughout the house; give out clues and a treasure map. Another great activity is using all of your pirate strength to try and bust a pirate ship piñata! 

Pirate Party Favors
Send the kid's home with a pirate booty bag. Some fun items to include are:

Weigh anchor and hoist the mizzen! We're shoving off to the best pirate party on the high seas!