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Mickey Mouse ears 
mickey mouse ears


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mickey mouse balloons

Mickey & Minnie Mouse Party Ideas

Everyone loves Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse and the Clubhouse gang.  If you've got a Disney fan in your house, then nothing can top a Mickey Mouse or Minnie Mouse theme birthday party. 
Disney birthday party invitations
There are so many fun options for a Mickey Mouse or Minnie Mouse birthday party invitation.  Choose something bright and fun and be sure to send it out four to six weeks in advance to give people time to plan.
Custom caricature invitations - I just love our one of a kind caricature invitations.  The possibilities are endless with our pals Mickey, Minnie and the gang.  How about a caricature of your child standing in front of the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse?  Or why not have them standing at Disney World or having a tea party with Minnie, Daisy and Clarabelle?  Here are some of my favorites that we have created:
This super cute Mickey Mouse Clubhouse invitation was created for a first birthday party with a Mickey theme. Mickey Mouse Clubhouse party invitation
We love this Mickey Mouse Club theme caricature for a birthday party for 5 year old twins.  Everyone at the party got their own ears. Mickey Mouse Club theme caricature invitation
This save the date was for a Bat Mitzvah, but the Disneyland theme for this caricature works perfectly for a birthday as well.  We love Mickey and Minnie dancing with excitement about the upcoming party. Disneyland theme caricature invitation
Make your own - Grab circles of paper and create your own Mickey shaped invitations.  These are simple and your kids can help with the art. 
Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse party decorations
As your guests arrive, play a fun Disney soundtrack in the background and then welcome them with Mickey Mouse ears (for the boys) and Minnie Mouse ears (for the girls).  What a fun and simple way to start off your party. 
There are so many fun options for Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse theme decorations for a birthday party.  Start with a color scheme for the event and go from there.  For Mickey, red, yellow and black are, of course, perfect colors.  A Minnie theme begs for pinks and purples for the party.  I'd start with crepe paper in the event colors along with balloon bouquets in the same colors.
Mickey and Minnie party table decorations and menu
Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse paper goods are a perfect place to start your table and buffet decorations.  Add bright tablecloths in matching colors and then top your tables with a fun centerpiece.
  • Disney plush - set out a display of Disney plush characters, including Minnie Mouse, on your table as a centerpiece.
And don't forget, balloon bouquets are always a great centerpiece option.
Your menu is simple for a Mickey or Minnie party - hot dogs, of course.  (Hot dog, hot dog, hot diggity dog)  I'd serve hot dogs, fruit, pretzels and chips and veggie sticks.  Simple and great for kids.  Add some little signs by the food:
  • Mickey's Hot Diggity Hot Dogs
  • Minnie's Fantastic Fruit Salad
  • Pluto's Prized Pretzels
  • Clarabelle's Carrots and Celery
Dessert can be the cupcakes from your centerpieces or a fantastic Mickey Mouse Clubhouse theme cake.  It's a birthday, so don't forget the ice cream too!
Mickey and Minnie party activities
Luckily, there are so many fun Disney theme games that work for this party.  The only problem will be choosing what game or games to play!
Mickey Fun Hunt - cut out pictures of your favorite Disney characters and spread them around the party.  See how many the kids can find during the party and give prizes to whoever gets the most (or any, depending on the age of the kids).
Pinatas - Nothing beats a pinata at a birthday party.  And, of course, there are Minnie Mouse pinatas and Mickey Mouse pinata.  Why not get both?
Coloring Pages - You can get a great assortment of Disney themed coloring pages on Disney Junior's website.  Print them out, toss our crayons and you're all set!
Mickey and Minnie Mouse party favors
Along with your mouse ears, pass out fun themed favors as the kids are leaving the party.  You can choose from a great selection of Disney party favors:
  • Bouncy balls, Mickey Mouse bubbles and candy
  • Minnie Mouse sunglasses, necklaces or bracelets
  • Mickey Mouse glider toys
  • Tumbler Cups

We just love a Mickey and Minnie party.  We know you're party with be Mickey-tastic!