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Monkey Madness Birthday Party


Everybody loves monkeys! They’re cute and silly and playful – just like your kids! So why not celebrate the big day with a Mod Monkey Party? It’s fun and easy and a monkey theme birthday party perfect for boys or girls. There are pink and green or blue and yellow options for every product, so choose the colors you like best. Everyone will be delighted to join you for this “tail- swinging” time!

Mod Monkey Birthday Invitations
Put your little monkey on the cover of a personalized blue and yellow Mod Monkey invitation or a pink and green invitation. It’s a great way to let your guests know that this will be one special party. Or, use a more traditional Mod Monkey personalized invitation where you fill in all the party details, add a picture and send along some special Mod Monkey stickers (you can even seal the envelope with them). We also have pink invitations and stickers! Guests might want to use their stickers to make a special picture to bring to the party. Hang them up when everyone arrives and you have an instant art show!

Don’t forget to let parents know long the party will run! If your party is for a younger crowd 1 1/2 to 2 hours is a good party length. The older the children, the longer the party can be, but for the sake of the parents 3 hours should be your limit. Remember, the best parties always end before the guests are tired.

Get the kids involved: Have your little monkey help make the invitations. Cut out bananas from yellow cardstock or construction paper and write all the party information on one side. Decorate the bananas with some glitter glue for that extra sparkle or use the Mod Monkey stickers. Invite the guests to come over for a “swinging time” but don’t worry, no one will go too bananas!

Mod Monkey Decorations and Party Supplies
Welcome your guests the minute they get to the door with a birthday banner. You can make your own or choose a weatherproof Mod Monkey personalized banner. It will be up long after the party is over.

Music makes a party so have a CD with jungle sounds playing as your guests enter the party. Hang crepe paper from the ceilings and across the doorways to simulate vines in a jungle.

Fill the room with bunches of balloons. Create balloon bouquets using assorted colored latex balloons. Weigh them down using baggies filled with sand. Cover the bags with Monkey cone hats and you have cute and colorful weights. When the party’s over, snip the balloons apart and give each child one to take home. Kids love balloons and decorations that double as party favors are economical – what could be better? (Don't forget the helium tank!)

Make sure those sneaky little monkeys are all over the party. Hide an inflatable monkey in a balloon bouquet, have one peaking out from behind a door, attach them to the streamers – they can be everywhere. Make it a guessing game and see if guests can find all the monkeys. Make sure there is a monkey for every child and once again your decorations become your party favors!

Here are a few more favorite Mod Monkey decorations:

Get the kids involved: Kids love to help decorate, especially if it’s for their own birthday party. A Monkey pull string piñata is a must and it’s easy to fill it with the fun and tasty piñata fillers.

Mod Monkey Birthday Party Table and Menu
Have the birthday child set the table the night before with fabulous tableware and favors. (Read on for information about all the great products available.) He/she will be so proud of how great it looks.

Nothing says a party like festive table and you can easily set a fun and colorful one.

Feeling creative? Start with a turquoise table cover (for the blue and yellow theme) or a pink tablecover (for the pink and green theme) and decorate with stickers from the Monkey stickers.

Make your little monkey feel really special with Mod Monkey dinner plates and Mod Monkey centerpieces. Finish the table with coordinating Mod Monkey cups and napkins.

Be sure to set Mod Monkey Blowout or Pink Monkey Blowouts at each seat!


What to serve at the party? A monkey’s favorite foods of course!


  • Jungle Mix – banana chips, chocolate chip bits, raisins and nuts
  • Monkey Brains – sounds gross but it’s just spaghetti
  • Mashed Monkey Sandwiches – peanut butter and bananas, delicious
  • Monkey Droppings – fruit salad featuring bananas and grapes

And for dessert…choose one (or all of these!)


  • A traditional birthday cake made in a monkey cake pan.
  • Try baking a tasty banana cake - with chocolate or cream cheese frosting – for something a little different
  • Frozen bananas – an icy cold sweet treat
  • Banana splits – what could be better than to make your own?

Mod Monkey Birthday Party Games and Activities
Active games are fun for monkeys of all ages.

  • Monkey in the Middle – if you’re having a large party, divide into 2 groups so everyone gets a turn sooner
  • Laughing Hyena – who doesn’t love to scratch and squawk like monkey?
  • Monkey See, Monkey Do – follow the leader, not always as easy as it looks
  • How about a My First Barrel of Monkeys tournament – everyone loves this challenging game

You can also play classic kids games with a monkey twist. What about “Monkey, Monkey, Banana” instead of "Duck, Duck, Goose"? Or "Hot Potato" with a monkey plush?

Mod Monkey Party Favors


Design your own favor package starting with a Mod Monkey empty favor box or a pink monkey favor box.  Add a monkey bean bag and personalized monkey candy bar or monkey lollipop party favor and your guests will have wonderful souvenirs from a great party.
Make your life simple and order the Mod Monkey Party Favor Box (or a pink favor kit) filled with an activity book, crayons and more! It’s ready to go whenever your guests are.

There will be no monkey business at this party. A Mod Monkey Birthday promises everyone a swinging and laughing good time