Fiesta Party Games

Fiesta Party Games. Cinco de Mayo Party Games. mexican fiesta party games.
Fiesta Party Dance Off
Host a contest to see who can do the Mexican Hat Dance the best, longest, or in the most creative way possible. This fiesta party game is sure to shake your Cinco de Mayo party up.

To Play
  • Gather everyone on the dance floor and explain the rules.
  • Hand out Fiesta Beads to dance off contestants.
  • Start the music.
  • If you are doing a traditional dance off play the music for a certain length of time-an hour or so-and whoever lasts the longest on the dance floor wins.
  • Click here to see instructions on how to do the Mexican Hat Dance.

To Play
  • What Mexican fiesta party would be complete without a pinata? Select a piñata at a local party store. Get a kick with a chili pepper, sombrero, or cacti piñata.
  • Fill with candy, coins, dollar bills, and age appropriate toys.
  • Hang to a tree outside or a sturdy post.
  • Gather everyone around and select the first contestant.
  • Each contestant swings the bat at the piñata until it cracks open. Then, watch as your guests scatter to win.

Chili Pepper Challenge
The challenge is to see how many hot peppers your guests can eat without bursting into flames. WARNING - SOME OF THESE PEPPERS ARE REALLY HOT - BE CAREFUL!

  • Habanera, Jalapeno, Serrano, or Green Chilies from the grocery
  • Large Bowls
  • Plates
  • Gloves
  • Glasses of Milk
To Play
  • Buy some habanera, jalapenos, Serrano or green chilies.
  • Prepare a table outside with big bowls of chilies, plates, and latex gloves, because habanera peppers tend to be hot to the touch.
  • Pour some glasses of milk for your friends to kill the burn of eating all those peppers!
  • Gather your guests and choose some brave contestants.
  • Start a timer and the winner is the one who ate the most peppers in the least amount of time.

Margarita Contest
Margaritas are the signature drink of Mexico and a key part of Southwestern cuisine. Everyone has their own recipe, here’s a chance for your guests to show off their best Margarita. In advance, invite your guests to participate on the invitation so they come prepared.

To Play
  • Set up an area in the kitchen or banquet hall for the contest to take place. Include margarita glasses, a few blenders or have your guests bring their own. Guests must bring their own ingredients to make it a true contest.
  • Create survey cards to hand out to the taste testers. You can have winners for the best and worst, most creative, authentic, or intoxicating.
  • Once the drinks are made everyone tastes each margarita and gives them a score. The one with most points wins.

  • Hot Salsa Variety Gift Basket
  • Sombreros
  • Dried Chili Peppers
  • Margarita Gift Basket with Tequila, Salt, Margarita Mix, Margarita Glasses
  • Salsa Lessons
  • Gift Certificates to a local Mexican Restaurant