Fiesta Theme Sweet 16

Ole! There's nothing more fun than a fiesta to celebrate your Sweet 16! From neon sombreros to maracas and great dances like the Macarena--your friends and you are guaranteed a great time. You'll need a siesta when it's over!!

Sweet 16 Fiesta Invitations
Create your own invitations on stationery with a chili pepper border. Remember to give all of the important information, which should include dressing appropriately for this festive fiesta.  Party411 has several Fiesta theme invitations to choose from.

If you want to send a spectacular invitation, consider a semi-custom caricature invitation. Using art that has already been drawn, we can add a photo face or a caricature face and personalize the message for you! You can use the semi-custom caricature as the design for other fun elements in your Sweet 16 fiesta, including centerpieces, a welcome sign, thank you notes, and much more!

Here are some fun fiesta wording examples that you can use on your invites, or even a party banner -

  • Julie's Hot, Hot, HOT! Join us for her Sweet 16 Fiesta!
  • Come and Shake your maracas at Amy's Sweet 16 Fiesta!
  • After Keena's Sweet 16 Fiesta you'll need a siesta!
  • Nacho Average Sweet 16!

Your Sweet 16 Party - Make an Entrance!
It's your Sweet 16 and you definitely want to make an entrance. Place a red, white and green balloon arch at the doorway.  Possibly hire a local mariachi band to play. Have someone hand out maracas to all of the guests right before your big entrance. Your guests will have a blast making noise and showering you with confetti as you make your grand entrance.

Sweet 16 Fiesta Decorations and Party Supplies
What's a fiesta without all the trimming? Nothing, I tell you! Go all out for this theme and your amigos will be talking about your Sweet 16 for years to come.

Place a life-sized cutout of you as a flamenco dancer near the front door. (Don't forget to pose for a picture with it after your grand entrance) Place a sombrero or two on the floor near the cutout, and fill the rim with fiesta wearables for your guests to put on;
  • Red, yellow and green glow necklaces will definitely be a hit.
  • Hand out sombreros and blinking fiesta beads to your closest friends so they stand out in the crowd.

A great way to decorate a room is with scene setters. I think the fiesta desert flowers and the fiesta big sky scene are the way to go. Try one in each room. Your guests will think they have entered a desert paradise, especially if you scatter a few inflatable cacti around.

Sweet 16 Fiesta Table Decorations and Menu
Set vases filled with colorful flowers on the table. Gerber daisies or roses in yellow, orange, red and hot pink will match the fiesta theme perfectly. For a really special centerpiece, place the vase of flowers inside a personalized fiesta centerpiece.

Set your table or buffet with fiesta paper goods. Wrap your silverware in a fiesta bandana (they make great napkins), and then use colorful bead necklaces as a napkin ring.

Have you ever wanted to let loose and shake your maracas? Well now is your chance! Place a few sets of maracas on each table (or as a centerpiece depending on the size of the table). Encourage your guests to shake the maracas every time they hear or say the word "party" during the evening. This makes for fun entertainment as well as a nice decoration.

For an authentic fiesta, try a Mexican buffet so that everyone can sample a little bit of everything. Some foods that you want to be sure to include are chicken fajitas, warm flour tortillas, chili con queso, tortilla soup, Mexican rice, black bean and corn salsa, three-milk cake, and flan. For fantastic fiesta drinks, use a slush machine to make slushies! Serve them in light up glasses for a stunning effect.

Sweet 16 Fiesta Games and Activities
Every Sweet 16 party should have dancing. How much fun will it be to get everyone on the dance floor wearing the fiesta beads, chili pepper bracelets and red, yellow and green glow necklaces you gave them at the beginning of the party? Play the hottest dance music, and mix in a few Latin dance hits as well. Teach everyone to do the Macarena or the Mexican Hat Dance and have a contest to see who is the best dancer.

Since this is a fiesta Sweet 16, you HAVE to have a piñata. Hang the piñata and let everyone have a turn trying to knock it to the ground. If you have a lot of guests you may want to get several so everyone will have a chance to take a swing at it. Don't forget the piñata candy.

Play some fun music while your friends stand in line waiting to bend backwards low enough  for a fun limbo game. How low can you go?

Another common activity at a Sweet 16 party is the candle lighting ceremony. Checkout out the Sweet 16 Candle Lighting Ceremony Guide if you need instructions. And don't forget to check out our complete list of Sweet 16 Party Games!

Sweet 16 Fiesta Party Favors
A party favor that everyone will appreciate is not hard to do, just make it edible! You have a couple of fantastic choices:

It will be a sweet reminder of your Sweet 16!

Have fun, from the Party Girl and the Party-ettes!