Fiesta Party411

Fiesta Party Frequently Asked Questions

I love a fiesta, and I love a siesta! In that order. Here are some answers to your most pertinent questions:

Q: What type of fiesta invitation would work to engage everyone before they even walk in the door and is that important?
A: The invitation is mucho important. I’m one to send something unusual with the invite to let people know this will be a party not to be missed. In the case of a fiesta, I might send a light up margarita glass or a pair of maracas in a box with the invitation inside and tell them they need to bring it to get in the door.

Q: What is a piñata? Seems like there’s always one of those at a fiesta.
A: Indeed there is. A piñata is a toy/candy filled, crepe paper-wrapped piece of cardboard that you hit with a bat blindfolded until you break it and all the goodies come out. For kids, it’s a must if you want to stay true to a fiesta party. For adults, it’s a great decoration, but a bat in the hand of an adult after two Coronas makes me cringe!

Q: What are the most common decorations at a fiesta party?
A: Paper flowers in all sorts of colors, sombreros, Mexican blankets (serapes) and perhaps a burro (but not necessary).

Q: What is an inexpensive fiesta centerpiece?
A: Buy some sombreros and fill the rim with taco chips. Sombreros are very inexpensive. Add different type of salsas around the sombrero in margarita glasses (instead of the usual bowl). Done.

Q: What drinks are considered must haves for a fiesta?

A: Well, the old stand-by is tequila, of course. But that’s heavy duty. And then there’s that worm thing. You can also serve sangria (which goes a long way...kind of like punch does), margaritas in different flavors and Mexican beer, of course. Before people leave, however, you must stop them and make sure they can still spell fiesta or take away their keys!

Q: Is a “taco bar” a good idea? And what is included?

A: A fiesta without a taco bar, is not a fiesta as far as I’m concerned. I would include ground meat or chicken, different types of taco chips (they come flavored and in various colors as you probably know), different types of cheeses, chopped tomatoes, chopped onion, chopped green and red peppers, a variety of salsas, avocado and the kitchen sink.

Q: Is it necessary to do seating cards at a fiesta?
A: It depends on the occasion, but if you are seating everyone (which, by the way, I never think is a good idea) and they are not all acquainted, it’s a good idea since you never want people to be sitting by themselves at a table of 10!

Q: What are some fun fiesta activities?
A: A Mexican hat dance? I don’t know how you do that, but it sounds like fun. The piñata busting, of course. A chili pepper eating contest. A maraca-off. Anything different and that works for participants AND spectators is great in my humble opinion.