fiesta music

In your Mexican Fiesta you also have to include music. There are many types of Mexican music you can listen to. The most common ones are the Mariachi band, salsa and the Nortena. The Mariachi band has become an important symbol of Mexican music and culture. It is described as an ensemble band of five or nine people that wear the traditional costume of a Mexican cowboy. This is fun to listen to, and many people consider Mariachi to be the music that best represents Mexican culture. Mariachi is Mexican folk music and distinguished from other types by instruments, attire and the songs. For more about Mariachi Music.

The Salsa is a fast type of music that everyone loves and is played at most Fiestas. With this type of music everyone dances to it since the music is so easy to move with. Salsa music is a diverse and predominantly Caribbean and Latin genre that is popular across Latin America and among Latinos abroad. Salsa incorporates multiple styles and variations; the term can be used to describe most any form of popular Cuban-derived genre, such as chachachá and mambo. Most specifically, however, salsa refers to a particular style developed by the 1960s and '70s Cuban and Puerto Rican immigrants to the New York City area, and stylistic descendants like 1980s salsa romantica.

Another great type of music would be the Nortena. This type of music is traditionally sung by people of the U.S.-Mexican border. Música norteña grew out of música tejana, or "Tex-Mex music," the music of Mexican Texans. The development of música tejana is in turn interwoven with the history of its people from the 1700s to the present. Without moving from South Texas, Mexican Texans have successively been citizens of Spanish Texas, of Mexican Texas, of the Republic of Texas,qqv of the Confederate States, and of the United States of America. As a result, over the course of two centuries their music has evolved from a blending of early Spanish and Mexican music, French-European dance music styles filtered through Mexico, and Mexican and American popular music.
From the Handbook of Texas Online.